Composite Bonding Melbourne: All That You Need to Know

Updated on January 25, 2021

Cosmetic dentists can treat teeth that have been damaged due to discolouration or bruising. This is possible with the help of composite bonding. A dentist can use this treatment procedure to restore the appearance of a smile easily. A cosmetic dentist can do wonders in the case of many patients by performing the composite bonding treatment.

Also known as ‘dental bonding’, ‘resin bonding’, and ‘composite resin bonding’, ‘composite bonding’ is a cosmetic dental treatment procedure. The objective of this treatment is to remove minor cosmetic dental imperfections, such as staining, chipping, and cracking.

Whenever you need cosmetic bonding Melbourne, i.e., a cosmetic bonding treatment in Melbourne, you should rely on trusted and experienced cosmetic dental practitioners. Cosmetic dentists either work independently at their cosmetic dental clinics or work as a part of the team at cosmetic dental hospitals. You need to search which clinics and hospitals are present in or around your region.

What is the Process of Cosmetic Bonding Treatment?

A cosmetic dentist will first apply composite material to your teeth. The material used for composite resin bonding is similar to the enamel of the teeth. The composite bonding material canbe applied to teeth in two ways. The first way is to move it into the cavity that sits in a tooth. The second way is to place it outside the tooth. 

Once the material is placed, the dentist moulds it into a proper shape. Giving a proper shape is necessary for making the teeth look realistic in appearance. It also prevents unwanted shapes around all the parts of the tooth. A number of steps are required to cover the sculpting process. In the case of most of the patients, the healing lamp is used for making the composite material bond to the tooth. 

But in the case of other patients, the physical shaping process is used. This process requires the use of cutting tool utensils. All cutting tools used in the moulding process are handled outside the teeth before materials are placed into them. This is due to the safety of the patient and the surrounding teeth.Cosmetic dentists use the lighting system in a later section.A high-intensity light heats the teeth to improve the strength and durability of the teeth. 

What Points Are Considered During the Treatment Process?

During this procedure, it is important that the cosmetic dentist only treats this light to the parts of the mouth that are not affected by the metal. Some metals can interfere with the ability of the teeth to handle cosmetic dentistry procedures. 

Composite bonding is one of the best methods that a patient suffering from cosmetic dental flaws can undergo. Owing to the simplicity of this treatment procedure, you don’t have to worry about the fact that whether a dentist will be able to do their job well or not. The cosmetic dentist can meet the expectations of a patient regarding dental appearance and smile aesthetics. 

During the preliminary consultation, the dentist assesses the oral health and appearance of a patient to determine whether the composite bonding process is right for them or not. The dentist then informs the patient about the various details, like treatment process, preparation, post-treatment care, benefits, and cost. 

What are the Benefits of the Composite Bonding Treatment?

The composite bonding treatment offers several benefits to the patients. It goes without saying that after treatment, your smile will look much more attractive from an aesthetic point of view. You will feel confident showing your teeth in photos and sharing smiles with friends and family. 

This treatment option takes less time than dental veneers, teeth straightening and other treatment procedures. Whether you should undergo this treatment procedure or not depends on how your teeth are currently positioned. It is also very safe because it usually requires no preparation and is non-invasive. In most cases, there is no need forinjections. 

The composite bonding treatment is cheaper than many other treatment procedures. The cost that you have to incur depends on how much work your teeth need. The fact that whether your dental insurance covers the cost of this treatment or not also plays a role here. 


If you feel that composite bonding is a suitable treatment option in your case, you should not hesitate to discuss the same with your dentist.

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