Common Types of Sports Injuries

Updated on January 7, 2020

Sports Injuries

If you love the outdoors, you have likely tried one sport whether it’s football, tennis, swimming, bike riding, and cricket, or other games. Sports help you exercise your body and remain healthy and energetic. Living a life of sports helps you perform not only in your physical presence but also in your work area and relationships. While games can be fun and exciting, it also brings its fair share of woes. Participating in sports exposes us to injuries, both minor and significant, as we enjoy ourselves. A true sportsperson will tell you that injuries are part of the game, and you should embrace them. However, some injuries may prove more strenuous than others, and understanding what to expect gives you a better chance of recovery. Dr. Josef Geldwert specializes in treating sports injuries and complications relating to such damages.

Groin Pull

If you have played football or hockey before, you may have encountered the injury due to a strain on the inner thigh muscles in the groin area. When you receive such an injury, apply some ice and compress while taking a rest. Ensure you have enough time to rest from the damage to avoid aggravating the pulled groin to a more severe condition that needs a doctor. However, if the pulled groin develops swelling, visit a doctor for proper physical therapy.

Shin Splint

The pain manifests in the frontal area of the lower leg region. It occurs from running exercises, especially on areas where the pavement does not have a flat level surface. When it happens, a little compression with ice helps to cool down the pain. Take a rest from the exercises to assist in healing the area affected. The use of pain killers will help reduce the pain and make the healing process bearable. The condition is not severe, although if it persists for an extended period, then see a doctor for determining the cause and provide proper treatment.

Knee Injury

Knee injuries occur during rigorous exercise or movement in sporting activities. The knee cap swings from its original position and rubs on the femur bone. The actions damage the tissues that support the knee cap due to strenuous movements. It causes immense pain and may take more than a month to heal. Take care in less strenuous exercises to strengthen the quadriceps to help to improve healing. Employ the help of a doctor for advice on best practices to bring about faster and safer healing.


Sporting activities can sometimes stress a particular area of your body. Epicondylitis involves a strain on the elbow joint area due to vigorous movements during sports. Sporting activities that result in epicondylitis include tennis and golf, due to a twist on the tendons that hold the elbow joint in place. It requires rest from physical exertion on the elbow until healing occurs.

Ankle Sprain

A sprained ankle occurs when the foot turns inside out, thus causing the ligaments that support the joint to tear from the tension. Unlike most injuries that require rest, a sprained ankle requires that you exercise the affected area to prevent stiffness and strengthen the ligaments. A normal ankle strain heals over a short period, but if it persists, it could have other complications that need the attention of a doctor. Visiting a doctor also helps to receive direction on the best exercises to help exert the ankle sprain and heal the ligaments.

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