Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Updated on June 2, 2022

Self-confidence has served as the backbone of healthy relationships and outstanding performance in the workplace. The need to appear not only confident but also feel confident has made millions of Americans turn to self-improvement to achieve their American dream. Plastic surgery has provided an opportunity for many Americans to improve on their looks and feel confident in what they do and how they relate with people. The plastic surgery industry has evolved over the years and involves many different types of procedures. However, some procedures have gained popularity over others. Michael Macdonald MD has practiced plastic surgery for years and understands the various operations that could help you achieve the look you desire. Visit his office for a consultation on the best way towards self-improvement and increased confidence while living your life.


You may have been working out over a long period of time, but that belly fat seems stubborn and won’t go away. Even with exercise and diet control it’s not bringing the desired results. Liposuction involves the removal of fat depositing from the targeted area by suctioning out the fats. Some chemicals and heat may be applied to melt the fats before removing them. The procedure takes a few days to heal, and most people have tried the method to get rid of stubborn belly fats.

Breast Augmentation

This operation involves the adjustment of the size of the breast to fit the desire of the patient. It consists of the use of silicone implants to adjust the size of the breasts. Augmentations can be needed if one breast is a larger size than the other, and can make them equal. Some women do not develop breasts during puberty and opt for implants to make up for the lack. While other women want more massive breasts and use the procedure to increase the size of the breasts.

Breast Reduction

This serves as one of the few plastic surgery procedures that medical insurance covers. It involves the reduction of the size of the breast to avoid complications. Large-sized breasts strain the back, and can cause pain and imbalance on the patient. Readjustments of the breast size to proportionately match the size of the body of the patient help to restore balance. It also allows them to get clothes that fit better and more comfortably.

Breast Lift

Breasts may start to sag due to situations such as after a pregnancy or after significant weight loss. The nipples appear saggy thus the need to lift them. The procedure reduces the skin around the breasts, making them look firm. It has a recovery period of around two and a half weeks.


The procedure goes together with liposuction since it removes excess skin around the abdominal area while liposuction removes excess fat. The skin around the abdomen may appear saggy after a pregnancy or after a dramatic weight loss. The procedure gets rid of the excess skin making the abdomen area appear flat.

Forehead Lift

The procedure entails a lift of the skin around the forehead. When the skin gets raised, it gets rid of drooping eyelids and wrinkled skin and lines on the forehead. It also gives the patient a younger look by making the skin around the face tighter. The skin under the eyebrows also gets tightened, making the patient appear younger as the eyebrows become raised.

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