Common Causes of Breast Sagging

Updated on April 22, 2020

Sagging breasts are something no woman wants. Little girls can’t wait to wear their first training bra. It is the one area of the body females like to show off and are most proud of. Women experience many natural body changes during their lifetime and sagging breasts is just one of them. Breasts are made up of collagen and ligaments but no muscle. So, what happens to cause breast sagging? If women are aware of these causes and contributing factors, they can take precautions to prevent excess sagging. Continue reading to learn about these causes and breast augmentation as a possible treatment.


Middle-aged women tend to see a loss of elasticity in the breasts causing them to sag. According to on women’s health, breasts contain no muscle but are made up of fat, glands, and milk ducts. Also, there are ligaments called Cooper’s ligaments in the breasts which serve to lift and support them. These ligaments can stretch out over time thus causing breast sagging. With the loss of elasticity, gravity is also at work every day pulling the breasts down. This contributes to straining and stretches the breast ligaments. Sagging will be more noticeable during menopause.

Smoking speeds up the aging process which contributes to early breasts sagging. Smoking destroys elastin which is a protein giving the skin its elasticity. When the levels of elastin decrease, the breasts will sag.

Exercises like running and working out on the treadmill without wearing the correct sports bra cause the breasts to move too loosely. The collagen in the breasts breakdown and the Cooper ligaments become too stretched out leading to sagging breasts. This is especially true of women with larger breasts. It should be noted that a properly fitting bra should be worn even when not exercising to help maintain breast shape and lift.

Wearing sunscreen on and around the breasts is just as important as wearing it on the rest of the body. If the breasts are exposed to UV rays without sunscreen, the collagen becomes stretched out leading to skin damage and sagging.

Changes in weight, hormonal imbalances, and even pregnancies can bring about breast sagging. Losing or gaining a lot of weight in a short period due to diet changes can stretch or shrink the breasts and the skin around them. Crash dieting can also cause the breast tissue to become looser thus causing sagging. Women should concentrate on maintaining a healthy weight to slow the progression of breast sagging.

As a woman goes through pregnancy, her breasts will get fuller and heavier causing the ligaments in the breast to stretch. The more children a woman has the more her breasts will stretch and sag. However, breastfeeding does not contribute to sagging breasts. Only the size of the breast changes during pregnancy.

Heredity and family genes play a significant role in the size and shape of the female breasts, and when sagging will occur. Women with larger breasts will submit to breasts sagging quicker than women with smaller breasts. This is due to gravity and the weakening of the Cooper ligaments. Women whose breasts are rounder and smaller are more apt to hold their shape longer.

As mentioned above, breast sagging is one of those unfortunate occurrences women must look forward to. However, there are behaviors women can practice slowing down the sagging process.

A healthy diet is important at all ages but especially during the senior years. Drinking a glass of orange juice each morning adds vitamins C and B to the breasts building collagen and elastic tissues that add support. Both help the breasts maintain their shape. Also, cutting down or eliminating chips, candy, and pastries will slow the sagging process as well. Breasts become more fat-based with aging.

Massaging the breasts with a moisturizing lotion every evening before bed keeps them well hydrated and slows down the sagging process.

Women with large breasts may want to consider wearing a t-shirt bra to bed. This will help maintain the shape of the breasts. The bra should be breathable and comfortable so as not to interfere with sleep.


If you are considering doing something about your sagging breasts, continue reading to learn about breast augmentation. Every woman has her reason for wanting this procedure done whether it’s corrective or cosmetic. So, what is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that increases the fullness and projection of the breasts. It also improves the shape and size using silicone or saline implants. As mentioned above, many life occurrences cause a woman’s breast to sage. Breast augmentation can reverse years of wear, tear, and aging.

Making a decision can be overwhelming and frightening. Being well informed is extremely important. You want to not only know about the procedures, but also the facility and the doctors. When you talk to the staff at The Aesthetic Surgery Center regarding breast augmentation in Naples, the first step is scheduling a consultation with one of the plastic surgeons. The Aesthetic Surgery Center offers top of the line treatment for whatever procedure you want or need. Their knowledgeable and caring surgeons will guide you through every step of the process before any work is done.

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