Coastline Kratom Review: How is This Kratom Vendor?

Updated on November 24, 2020

Coastline is one of the best kratom vendors in the market today. 

They offer some of the purest strains of kratom to their consumers. They also help their customers to cultivate kratom of their own by giving them the live plants and detailed instructions on how to care and tend the plants till maturity. 

Not only this but they also deliver the right kind of soil to help the plant grow. In this review, we are going to tell you all you need to know about this brand, including whether or not they are legitimate, their best kratom sellers, and their shipping and return policies among others.

Coastline Kratom Review: Is It Legit?

Coastline Kratom is a legal company duly registered in North Carolina. Joshua and Katrina Fulton founded the company. They are a South Carolina kratom vendor who had the vision of providing high-quality kratom to the American market. 

Ever since its incorporation, the company has grown to become one of the respected industry leaders. It’s high-quality products and innovative solution designs help all their clients get the very best from using kratom. 

They offer a wide range of products categorized in easy to follow categories and which have also been competitively priced. 

Coastline Kratom’s popularity continues to rise with each passing day as more and more people continue to discover the awesome benefits of this unique tree from Southeast Asia.

Coastline Kratom Best Sellers

Coastline Kratom vends a variety of kratom in different forms to take care of the varying needs of its customers. 

They have the kratom in loose powder form, capsule forms, tea extracts, and tablets among others. Though they have an incredible variety for you to choose from, some of their best sellers include-:

Green Malay Kratom

The Green Malay Kratom is a strain you will find with most vendors, but the quality will differ greatly depending on the handling process by the vendor. 

This strain is known for its potency and full-spectrum of its alkaloid profile. It is usually the most preferred kratom by most people. 

The Green Malay Kratom you find from Coastline is of impeccable quality. It is the product of the plain kratom leaf that is grounded into a fine powder. 

The leaf is obtained from Southeast Asia, then dried and cured with its typical green color before it is neatly packed in an air-tight bag. 

It is one of the most sold items at Coastline Kratom, and many users have reported that it is clean and smooth and with very high potency. Some of the additional benefits you may get from this kratom include-:

  • Treatment for depression and anxiety
  • Pain relief from muscle aches and general body pains
  • Relief from fatigue
  • Treatment for conditions such as high blood pressure
  • Helps with opioid addiction and withdrawal
  • Helps with treating post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Can be used as a cure for diarrhea
  • Can be used for treating osteoporosis
  • Can enhance physical performance

Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali Kratom is another incredibly popular strain of kratom and another very popular product at Coastline Kratom. 

This strain can do everything that most kratom strains can do, only that it has a lighter effect and is longer-lasting. 

Since it is widely available around the globe, it is a fairly affordable strain, and with easy to find deals. Coastline Kratom makes it all the more affordable for you. Some of its most notable benefits include-:

It is a relaxing agent – red Bali kratom is used for centuries as a remedy for relaxing the mind and the body. It is a very good antidepressant that can be used to bring relief for tension and depression.

Anti-addiction treatment – red Bali kratom is believed to have various kinds of opiates. Though opiates may be dangerous if misused, studies have suggested that kratom can act as an anti-addicting agent. 

The reason for this is that though there is a reasonable concentration of opiates in this kratom, not nearly as dangerous as those in real opium. 

Consequently, red Bali kratom is considered as a treatment for addicts.

Treatment for chronic pain – chronic pain is a bother for millions around the globe. Due to the high concentration of alkaloids in the red Bali kratom, it has always been used as a means of dealing with chronic pains associated with injuries, old age, and deformation of muscle and bone structures.

The other notable benefits of red Bali kratom include enhancement of mental performance and improved sexual performance.

Ultra Enhanced Borneo

Kratom is not known to have the best tastes among the supplements of the world. 

To avoid this bad taste, some people prefer to have their kratom enhanced with extracts so that they can just take a little portion of it while still getting the same levels of its vital content. 

This is exactly what you find with the Ultra Enhanced Borneo kratom. It is simply Borneo Kratom but with high-grade extract enhancement to make it a super potent product. 

Though its taste is still relatively bitter, it is a nice treat for anyone looking for something more potent.

Beginner’s Pack

It is always important that you get it right when getting started with kratom. Most cases recommend slow doses and as one increases their tolerance, they can increase the doses gradually. 

You also need to identify the specific strains that will give you the most desirable results. This is something that most new kratom users usually struggle with. 

Coastline Kratom, however, has made it simple by availing a Beginner’s Pack. With this pack, you get 25grams of three different strains for you to try out and see which one works best for you. 

The strains in this pack include Green Vein Malay, Red Vein Maeng Da, and White Vein Bali kratom.

Coastline’s Live Plant Service

Coastline’s popularity in the kratom market is not only because they offer high-quality strains of kratom. They also have a very unique service that none of their competitors offer – the live plant. 

The company gives you an opportunity to grow your kratom at home by supplying you with the live plant. 

Not only this but also they will deliver the right type of soil and supply detailed instructions on how best to tend and care for the plant. 

This is an extremely unique service that is well received by most of its customers.

Customer Service

A company may have the best products or services in the market, but if they have poor customer service, then that will erode all the good the products or the services may have. 

Fortunately for you, this is not what you find at Coastline Kratom. Their quality range of products is usually accompanied by equally superior customer services. 

They are courteous, professional, and always prompt in their responses. 

They have both phone and email support, hence, giving you the convenience to choose the most appropriate means for you depending on your urgency.

Shipping Quality

The last thing you want when shopping for anything online is uncertain shipping. Coastline Kratom, however, offers fast and convenient shipping across the United States and in other parts of the world. 

For most cities across the United States, orders will always arrive within one week, though it is also possible to get your order within just a few days.

You can always check the official website for precise shipping duration when making your order.

On international orders, it may be difficult to ship kratom through customs given the nature of the product. 

If you order from abroad, however, you can try to get your shipping through and in case your package doesn’t arrive, you can simply ask for a refund which you will always be given.

Money Back Guarantee

With Coastline Kratom, if you are not happy with their products for any reason, feel free to take back the product and ask for a full refund of your money. 

This not a feature you will find with most of the kratom companies you encounter online.

Kratom Pricing Comparison between Coastline and other vendors

Many other kratom vendors offer kratom at cheaper prices. But you should know that it is not always about the cheapest products all the time. 

With products such as kratom, you should have in mind that you will always get what you pay for.

 You cannot call Coastline’s products necessarily cheap, but it is reasonably affordable. 

For around $15, you can get an ounce of kratom which translates into about 10 moderate doses, making the unit price per dose to be very affordable.

Conclusion: Coastline Kratom – A better option available or not?

If you are planning on buying the best kratom in the market, you must always think about getting them from a reputable vendor. 

Coastline Kratom is one such vendor whose products you will never be disappointed with. They will also make it easy for you to plant kratom in your backyard so that you can get it in its purest and raw form. It is one of the best kratom vendors online, and we highly recommend them for anyone in need of quality kratom. Despite all these benefits, one thing that acts as a blemish on the reputation of this brand is that the cost of Coastline’s Kratom products is slightly higher than the rest.

If you’re looking for a nab discount, then you should go for other kratom vendors like Kraken Kratom. Kraken Kratom is a top-leading kratom vendor that delivers high-quality and tested Kratom products at an affordable rate. From Kratom powder to capsules to tablets, you’ll find everything at Kraken kratom. 

Kraken Kratom is a better option than coastline because it delivers high-quality kratom products at the best and most inviting discounts.