Clinics That Offer Ear Wax Extraction & Allergy Treatment in Singapore Are the Best Places for Earwax Removal

Updated on December 12, 2019

Whenever we talk about taking care of our body, the focus is usually on exercising regularly, eating a well-balanced diet, seeing the dentist once a year, and getting good sleep for eight hours. Still, seldom we consider ear-care, which is equally important. The ear, too, like other body organs, need proper care to maintain good health, and it is necessary to keep your ears clean. Earwax is a part of the body’s defense and occurs naturally and protects the ear canal by arresting dirt and retarding the growth of bacteria. Too much of earwax accumulation can lead to a blockage that not only impairs your hearing ability but if neglected for long, can lead to more complications like pain and discomfort, vertigo, dizziness, and tinnitus or continuous ringing sound in the ear. 

Ear cleaning may not always be necessary

The body has its self-cleaning method for cleaning ears, and ear canals do not need any cleaning unless you experience some problem. Leaving the ears alone is the best way to ensure that it remains healthy, and since wax formation happens in the outer part of the canal near the ear opening, there is nothing to worry about it. As a result of the jaw movement, the wax will automatically come out from the ears. Trying to remove the wax by inserting something like a hairpin, cotton swab, or paper clip can be dangerous as it often pushes earwax deep inside and causes severe damage to the eardrum or ear canal.

When is ear cleaning required?

You need to clean your ears only if you experience blockage, and there are specific symptoms like a feeling of fullness in the affected ear, pain in the ear, low hearing, cough, dizziness, and ringing sound in the ear.  Blockage indicates excessive accumulation of earwax, and only an experienced ENT specialist like the ones you find at can safely clean your ears. Ear blockage does not happen only due to earwax accumulation, and the doctor can examine the ear to decide if earwax removal can resolve the problem. The symptoms like decreased hearing or ear pain can happen for some other reasons, too, which only the doctor can understand.

Safe wax removal

Only a doctor can ensure safe earwax removal. Excess earwax can damage your ear canal, or eardrum which are very delicate, and trying to do it on your own can cause more harm than good. Moreover, the removal process can be risky for those who may have ruptured eardrum, ear pain, experience fluid drainage, and have undergone ear surgery.

Instead of experimenting with ear cleaning or completely ignoring it, you should include ear care in your annual health checkup plan.  This should help to maintain clean ears with periodical cleaning, if necessary, and at the same time detect any signs of a problem so that the doctor can quickly set it right.  

Also, you must never interfere with your ears nor insert any object smaller than your elbow inside it. It is a sure way to have healthy ears. 

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