Classic Summer Outdoor Tile Trends In 2020

Updated on August 28, 2023

A look at the classic summer tile trends for outdoors in 2020.

Decorating the outdoor spaces of our homes properly can be an awesome way to bring life into these spaces. If you happen to belong to the lucky small group of people who have an outdoor space available to them, you will want to make the best use of that space and decorating the space properly will go a long way in achieving just that. 

The year has been rocked with many disasters that we had no control over. Almost all of the world is in a constant state of panic thanks to the novel coronavirus. We have already endured several months of lock down where we have ventured outside very rarely. Even now, when restrictions of the lock down are being relaxed, we still are not totally comfortable with going outside or having other people who have not been tested come into our space. As such, having a place that is not indoors but is in the property of our homes, is truly a luxury and you would want to make the best use of that space. 

Whether starting completely from scratch or this is the first time you are planning on decorating your outdoor space, it is of utmost importance that you plan properly and plan ahead before getting into the actual work. While most people would like to have actual wooden floors, it might make more sense financially to consider natural stone or tiles. These options are not just more budget friendly but you will also get the added benefit of having a very cool surface to walk on. Some of our top picks for tiling your outdoor space is listed below. 

Outdoor Flow

Open concept tiling has become a staple favorite among many for indoor decor. These same styles and concepts can be implemented in our outdoor spaces as well. As more and more people move to cities, these outdoor spaces and backyards are getting smaller and smaller. As a result of this, having separate spaces for our outdoor activities can get quite challenging. We would ideally want to have separate spaces for outdoor dining, gardening and pools. 

A smart design option for many would be to link these spaces so that they feel connected and more aligned to a natural flow. It is becoming increasingly common for designers to create a seamless and connected design for these spaces so that the entirety of the outdoor spaces feel connected and more adhesive. A very unique and visually appealing way of achieving this goal would be through the use of complementing outdoor tiles. Tiles in particular that can help you achieve this design aesthetic would be travertine tiles or maybe a very luxurious looking marble like porcelain tiles. 

Manufacturing Pool Envy

Pools are by default an envy creating object and if you want to up the ante of your pool even further these tips will come in particularly handy. Designs of pools are currently going through a bit of renovation in terms of what are trendy pool design options. The new style that has been deemed as trendy tends to be more simple in nature. Simple styles are preferred over shiny glass windows and swim-up bars. 

Pool owners also seem to prefer styles that are more sustainable and durable. These are styles that have a much higher resale value. Tile styles that are trendy are more and more leaning towards one extreme or another, with designers preferring either very dark and solid colors or going for the complete opposite, with light colors being preferred in this extreme. There does not seem to be a middle ground when it comes to tiles for pools. The benefit of having a white colored tile is that you will get the full beauty of the natural colors of water running through and being allowed to pop. Black pool tiles on the other hand can give off that sophisticated look and it can as a reflector. If nuances and subtlety are your thing this may be your preferred option.

Trends of Colors 

People are increasingly choosing color palettes that will provide them with a sense of adventure, people are looking for adventure without having to leave the comfort of their homes. Unexpected colors will offer unexpected fun, that seems to be the motto here. Neutral browns and vibrant blue and pink seem to be favored by this demography. 

Modernity and minimalis are still in style, like they have always been. Some are preferring to use outdoor areas in such a manner that it will give them the look of classics design options. Limestone and travertine pavers are in particular favored by this group – this will offer the look and feel of being in a French holiday. When this comes in combination with porcelain tiles, it will create a large variety of textures and complexity.

Backyards can provide us with a very personalized space in our homes that will feel like the great outdoors without the necessity of being in the great outdoors. The summer tile trends that are mentioned here will help you achieve this particular objective very easily. 

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