Choosing the right Treadmill: Points to consider

Updated on October 13, 2020
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For a layman, choosing the right treadmill may seem the toughest task ever. But, no matter how tough a decision you have to make, it is very important to get a treadmill for yourself so that you can exercise easily in the comfort of your home.

With the coronavirus bringing the world to a halt, people are looking for options that can help them to exercise and workout without visiting a gym or a fitness center. If you are one of those who are looking to get the best health and fitness levels, you need to get a treadmill that can work easily at your home.

You don’t have to worry just because you don’t have lots of technical know-how about how to purchase the best quality treadmill. 

In this article, we will look at different factors that can help you choose the best quality treadmill that can be used at your home.

Where should you look for the best treadmill?

One of the best places that can give you lots of information about purchasing the best quality treadmills is the treadmills101. 

This website consists of innumerable information about different brands of treadmills. One of the best brands of treadmills that are in huge demand these days is the Nordic Track C700 treadmill. If you are someone who likes to walk as well as run, this can be one of the best treadmills for you. The best part about this website is that it provided information about different other fitness-related information. Thus, no matter if you are looking to purchase a treadmill or a pack of whey protein, this platform covers information about everything. So, get information about everything related to fitness and sports from a single platform.  

Factors to consider when purchasing a treadmill

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Running surface

One of the most important factors that you need to consider when purchasing a treadmill is the running surface. The faster you run and walk, the better quality running surface you need. Thus, choose the running surface of the treadmill as per your pace. Look for a running surface that is smooth and offers maximum friction so that you can run with maximum ease. When it comes to the size of the running surface, try to choose a treadmill with a 130X45 cm running surface. This way, you will get the maximum surface and convenience while running.

Motor power

Another important factor that you need to consider is the motor power of the treadmill. The motor power of the treadmill should also depend upon the intensity of your running and walking. The motor power of the treadmill also depends on the weight of the treadmill. So, ask the seller about the motor power of the treadmill before making the purchase.


this point may not seem too important. But the truth is that cushioning of the treadmill matters a lot, especially if you are looking for maximum convenience while you are choosing the best quality treadmill. Most treadmills come up with a shock absorption technology that can vary from one model to another. The level of impact absorption should match the level of use of the treadmill. For example, if you are purchasing a treadmill for walking purposes, a gentle cushioning is needed. If you’re looking for a treadmill that is suitable for running, the harder cushioning can offer better options. Thus, choose the level of cushioning depending upon your use.


If you want to get better leg muscles and quick weight loss, one of the best ways is to get a treadmill with a good incline set up. There are two types of inclines on a treadmill. The one type of incline can work manually, and the other one by automatic adjustment. Choose the one that will suit your needs. Most people look for the manual setup as it works according to your needs.


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The console of the treadmill provides you with information like your weight, your running speed, the calorie burnt, and different other information. Try to look for a console that you can see easily. The console should be easily readable even when you are walking and running. 

All these factors are most important that you must consider when you are purchasing the best quality treadmills. To get detailed information about the best types of treadmills, you should check the platform of treadmills101.

This platform will help you to choose treadmills as per your needs and requirements. The vast number of buyers’ guides and the article review will help you to make the perfect choice when it comes to choosing the best treadmill. 

So, use all this information and check all these specifications before choosing the best quality treadmill. Let us know how these specifications helped you to choose the best treadmill as per your need.

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