Choosing the Right Family Dentist Near You in Jacksonville, FL

Updated on December 29, 2020

When choosing a dentist, you basically have two options. You can select the average or the very best one; I encourage you to choose the latter. Anyone who is willing to invest the time and effort can learn dentistry. It is a discipline, much like every other profession. However, it takes the best people to display passion and not just a job, when you meet this kind of people, you will know the difference. 

When you learn to prioritize your family’s dental health, you are already one step ahead of everyone else. After all, it takes a wise person to know that health is wealth but a more discerning person to know that dental health is a part of an individual’s overall health (read here). Do you get what I mean? You do not get to meet a person who makes an effort to get the right dental care every day. Most people would just forego it. 

Most of them will think it is a complete waste of time and money, but what they do not know is that this way of thinking will get them in trouble—a painful one, at that. Because you are already aware of how important dental health is, the next step is to find the right dentist to take good care of it for you. Think of it as looking for the right partner in life. You have to dig deep and carefully look if you want to land the best one. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the things that make a good dentist great and right for your family’s dental care. There are actually many factors, but upon carefully analyzing them, they all boil down to four characteristics. If you are ready to meet the Jacksonville dentist for your family needs today and who is also near you, then read on ahead. 

1. A Great Dentist Prevents, Not Cures 

It is one thing to help you get rid of your tooth decay problems, and entirely another to help you not get one. Out of all dental health problems, tooth decay is the only one that is 100% preventable. 

A great dentist knows this and works on getting your teeth to achieve this. You know you have a great dentist when he encourages you to take better care of your teeth and educates you about dental health practices that can help you fight off tooth cavities. You would think that dentists would love to have your teeth broken. After all, more broken teeth mean more appointments.

However, a great dentist values your dental health more than he desires to make a profit out of it. When he does not advise you anything to keep your teeth healthy, then you should really start wondering if his heart is in the right place. 

2. A Good Communicator 

We all understand that dental health professionals are busy. They have other patients to attend to and their own lives to live. However, great dentists try to make time for all their patients, and they communicate with them dutifully. When he checks up on you now and then, especially when you have not come in for an appointment in a while, know that he or she does so out of concern for the state of your dental health.  

For example, a great dentist will get in contact with his or her regular patients if they fail to come in for a dental cleaning as scheduled. This is not because they are looking to profit more from doing the service; they worry about what could happen if their patients fail to keep their dental procedures up to date. 

When your dentist fails to get in contact with you at all, even after such a long time of not visiting his or her clinic, you should really consider the dentist-patient relationship you have. Someone that cares for you and will continue looking out for you even if you fail to look after yourself. Kudos to dentists like this! 

3. Realistic & Practical 

A good dentist can administer a dental procedure with flying colors, no doubt. However, the question lies in whether you, the patient, can afford to get the procedure done or not. One of the biggest reasons why people avoid going to dental clinics is because of the expense ( Great dentists take into account the financial capacity of their patients. They can correctly administer any and all dental procedures, but they are also mindful of what their patients can and cannot afford. 

Let us be honest here. Dental procedures can cost a lot, and that is what turns people off with dental care. Someone with a sense of compassion will offer alternative and feasible solutions. He or she will not give you a black or white option unless necessary and will try to find a solution to your dental problem that will benefit you both conveniently.  

4. He Cleans Up After His Mess 

Lastly, a good dentist will administer any dental procedures at your expense. On the other hand, a great one administers all dental procedures, utterly aware that he or she is responsible for how each process will turn out. In other words, a great dentist is one who knows how to assume responsibility for every dental practice he administers. 

When things go right, it is easy to receive praise. Some will even go to lengths just to claim it. However, when things turn for the worse, many find it difficult to admit responsibility for their actions. Some will try to deny it; others may even blame their patients. Only a great dentist is brave enough to face criticism for erroneous procedures even if the cause is not of his own doing.

He also works to set things right. When he always has reasons for everything or for every little mistake or miscalculation he makes, then you should really wonder how secure you are in his care. Although we do not really wish for it, you need someone that will help you with the aftermath when things go wrong. Find yourself and your family that one great dentist.

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