CBD Gaining Fans in New Zealand

Updated on October 8, 2019

Every individual wants to live and be better with every passing day! And when this sentiment gets magnified in the global collective consciousness, people are all set to welcome new ways of thinking, alternative healing therapies, and substances. It is the reason why people are gradually waking up to the therapeutic and healing properties of CBD. What began as a controversy, is slowly settling down into an acceptable and open-ended conversation. Cities and states around the globe are welcoming new paths to explore the positive aspects that CBD or Cannabis has to offer. Following this trend, the use of CBD has been gaining prominence in New Zealand as well.

New Zealand’s response to Cannabis

Recently, New Zealand has witnessed an increased Cannabis acceptance from its people. Today, approximately 67% of the country’s population is in favor of cannabis legalization for any recreational use, and more than 87% of the population supports the legalization for all kinds of medical use. And a few years from now, the percentage for the same were 50 and 80 respective. Hence, the numbers have improved, which is a positive trend.

Cannabis is getting accepted all over the world, including New Zealand. And along with New Zealand, other countries too are supporting movements to legalize CBD and CBD products. People can now easily get hemp oil in New Zealand at https://www.suncbd.co.nz/ which has several different products to choose from.

It is only last year that New Zealand has made its move to legalize CBD for medical purposes. Also, the country has created a referendum for 2020.  It has placed the need to legalize recreational Cannabis in the hands of its people.

Mulling over Cannabis for medical purposes, it is always better to consider CBD (Cannabidiol) is a proper starting point. Even THC that is Tetrahydrocannabinol comes with its medicinal and therapeutic impacts. However, CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive effects which THC products have and causes a mental high. Both these are cannabinoids, but the medical sphere has found CBD to be more useful in treating various physical issues than THC. It is essential to know more about CBD oil and its therapeutic advantages. That will help us to realize why it has become popular in New Zealand today.

Understanding CBD Oil 

CBD oil has the CBD extracts that get sourced from either hemp or Cannabis. The various carrier oils get used while manufacturing CBD oil. One of the popular oils is coconut oils. CBD oil has more medical proof for healing physical and mental issues, than THC because it is not psychoactive and doesn’t lead to a mental high. Instead, it induces a gentle calm and relaxation that helps to unwind and ultimately heal the body and mind. 

Today, people can consume CBD oil in multiple forms. You can drink it as droplets under the tongue, capsules, CBD gummies, chocolate bars, cakes, and cookies, as creams on your skin and many more.

Is it possible to purchase CBD oil in New Zealand?

Much before New Zealand’s legalization of Cannabis for medical purposes, there were incidents where people bought CBD oil. CBD in New Zealand often gets classified as a Class B1 drug which people could access through a prescription. There were several instances of companies that had the chance to export CBD oil in this country. Being known as a Class B1 drug, CBD could only be bought using a prescription and could get promoted or advertised in any way.

Soon after the legalization of medical Cannabis, CBD oil started to get used for healing medical conditions. Today, CBD doesn’t get tagged as Class B1 drug and earns the respect of prescription medicine, after the Medicines Act 1981. Today, CBD is an authentic alternative for medical treatment. Also, the CBD products can have THC elements, till such time it doesn’t surpass 2%.

The uses and benefits of CBD oil 

The ones that make use of CBD oil are using it to treat some pain or discomfort in the body. Generally, CBD oil treats medical conditions but can help in other situations as well. It can provide relief and relaxation and can also help to take away excess stress. A few conditions where CBD oil is useful are:

  • Chronic pain in any part of the body
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Depression and other mental afflictions
  • An appetite loss
  • Insomnia and sleep disorders
  • Sleep paralysis
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Muscle and joint aches

This list is not at all exhaustive in any way! The physical discomforts that CBD oil can help to heal and release are many. However, today, more studies are getting conducted to ensure that CBD oil can bring about more health benefits and miracles.

One of the conditions that get researched extensively is the impact of CBD oil on epilepsy. For instance, even though CBD oil is still illegal in the United States, at a federal level, some drugs have CBD oil and have been sanctioned for use by the Food and Drug Association for benefiting the epilepsy patients. Hence, today, more clinical trials are getting conducted to make sure that CBD oil can heal various health ailments, including cancer and other chronic ailments.  

The summing up 

The decision that New Zealand took for legalizing medical Cannabis made it easy for people to have access to CBD oil. You need an authentic medical document for the same. As 2020 referendum is coming closing, the country is witnessing more support for legalizing Cannabis. Hence, there is a chance that people in New Zealand will have access to CBD oil for both recreational and medical uses.

Even though CBD oil is considered more for medical use, it also has ample recreational properties. People who used it found to be refreshing. The renewing energetic feel that one gets after exercising is what most feel after consuming CBD oil. And this can help people to say yes to more CBD oriented soft drinks and other products, that can relax people and take their fatigue away. Hence, the future of CBD oil and other CBD products in New Zealand seems bright and promising. People can expect more positive outcomes in the forthcoming years. 

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