Careers That Make a Real Difference in the Lives of Others

Updated on March 25, 2015

shutterstock_159442178You want to make the right decision for your future when contemplating your career goals. That’s, of course, the reason you are in school. Certain paths are lucrative financially and also help others, while other avenues might not meet the goals you seek personally. Here are four fields in which you can make good money and also make an impact on people’s lives:

Health Care

There are several areas in health care where recent grads can make a difference. The American Association of Retired People lists nursing as one of the top 10 growing fields through 2022. Registered nurses make around $65,000 annually and the AARP predicts a 20 percent growth in jobs over the next several years. Nurses provide comfort to patients, as well as their families and are integral in helping with medications, pain and adjustments that may be needed during an ill person’s hospital stay. Their impact is personal and intimate.

The other area of health care that is flourishing is physical therapy. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics expects the demand of physical therapists to grow. With an average salary of $80k, physical therapists help people after trauma or car accidents and surgeries. It is inspirational to watch an adult walking again after surviving an accident.


College graduates who love working with numbers and managing people’s finances will find a job as an accountant lucrative and rewarding. Business Insider predicts accountants will take the number-four spot on the hottest career list because of the increased demand in jobs. Salaries can top $70,000 and at a growth rate of 16 percent by year 2020, this is a great field for someone who loves helping people set financial goals. People depend on an accountant to help with taxes, budgeting matters, as well as potential ways to save. Helping with accounting is a prime way for college grads to have a real impact on a family’s household health.


The increased technology-driven culture creates a need for computer-savvy professionals. There is a demand for system and computer analysts, according to U.S. Money and World Report, which ranks these specialist jobs at the number-two spot. Within this sector, there is an increased need for cyber security professionals because of the influx of hackers and potential for cyber terror from domestic and international sources. Tech-savvy grads can find jobs at cyber security companies and IT-specialized firms. The salaries are competitive and the payoff is more than just financial. People who protect the identities and personal information of their customers are the gatekeepers for security. Most people agree that this impact is invaluable.


Teachers provide important resources to our children. Since our children spend most of their days at school, we cannot downplay how much our teachers influence youth behavior, study habits and personalities. Elementary school teachers are in demand across the nation according to reports from Business Insider. This career path is on the rise. A teacher directs her impact in so many ways — through education, life skills and rapport with students. This influence cannot be underestimated.

As a college student or a recent grad, there are fields in which you will have opportunities to make an impact and are able to set lucrative financial goals. Set your sights on job satisfaction and the ability to really influence people’s lives.

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