Cannabis Edibles – A Boon for Mental Health

Updated on November 11, 2020

“CBD has been shown to be beneficial in experimental models of several neurological disorders, including those of seizures and epilepsy.” 

  • Anna K. Abram, FDA Deputy Commissioner 

Last year, Gallup Poll revealed that more than 37% of CBD (cannabidiol) users consume CBD products for the sake of healing their mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, severe mood swings, etc. 

With this, cannabis and its wide array of products are getting popular, especially among the young lads who are often seen suffering from any mental issue. Further, for the sake of ensuring the best experience and earning massive profits, the cannabis manufacturers and sellers are introducing an extensive range of CBD products like CBD edibles. 

What are CBD edibles?

As the term suggests, these are CBD-enriched eatables having a moderate amount of CBD extracts to give you countless health benefits. To be precise,  it is an ingestible form of CBD that does not require any combustion to activate the goodness of CBD components. Those who are new to CBD experience or don’t smoke, often go for cannabis edibles. 

When talking about the types, CBD edibles come in two different forms including – 

  1. CBD dominant edibles 
  2. THC/CBD edibles 

The ever-growing trend of CBD edibles in the United States – 

The world had been drooling over the CBD edibles by the time, Alice B. Toklas came up with her unique range of Hashish Fudge in the late 1950s. It gave rise to many cannabis edible manufacturers to introduce a series of CBD edible products in the market. Soon after this, in the 1960s, the pot brownies with a blend of CBD components stole everyone’s attention and stole the world. All these incidents have resulted in accelerated demand for edibles in Canada and other countries throughout the world. At present, there are several online stores and physical dispensaries selling quality CBD products and edibles. 

If you are one of those who are new to this experience, here is a string of some widely popular CBD edibles available in the markets. 

  1. CBD Chews 
  2. CBD Gummy Bears  
  3. CBD Chocolates 
  4. Hemp Honey 
  5. CBD Caramels 
  6. CBD Mints 
  7. CBD Coconut Oil 

What are the most common uses of ingesting CBD edibles?

Unlike THC infused products, CBD edibles do not make you high. Instead, it soothes your mind while helping you attain a peaceful state of mind. One can witness the harmonious impact of CBD edibles as – 

  1. Relief from panic attacks, depression, and anxiety 
  2. Heals severe mood swings 
  3. Soothes cancer symptoms like insomnia, nausea, and lack of appetite 
  4. Prevents diabetes 
  5. Relieves acute joint or body pain 
  6. Ensures anti-convulsive advantages for epileptics
  7. Proves as a boon for people with Parkinson’s Diseases 
  8. Improves the quality of sleep 
  9. Reduces and then eliminates the psychotic symptoms 

Key takeaways – 

CBD edibles are considered as an easy-to-go cannabis product. It is an ideal choice to begin your CBD intake experience. From tea to gummy bear candies, there are countless types of CBD edibles available in the market. However, these edibles are safe to buy and consume, yet experts recommend consulting a CBD pro to reap maximum leverages. 

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