Can you reverse the physical impact of pregnancy through tummy tuck procedures?

Updated on November 19, 2020

Life after childbirth gets associated with an alteration of several emotions. Returning to the pre-pregnancy shape often leads individuals to dissatisfaction. It is a highly challenging task to get back to the previous body shape after pregnancy. Various studies have revealed that more than one million women still hold that their belly has not returned to the previous shape. The physical aspect emerges as a reason for embarrassment for women. Only exercise and diet cannot rectify the physical condition in most cases. Here, tummy tuck appears as a viable option for them. Many mothers consult Dr. Breslow for premium tummy tuck procedures. 

Facts about tummy tuck

The tummy tuck procedure is widely known as abdominoplasty. It is an effective way of regaining the pre-pregnancy figure and confidence. The fluctuation of weight impacts the underlying muscle and skin, propelling women to opt for this.

Is the procedure effective? 

• The excess loose skin after pregnancy due to carrying the child leads to alteration in body shape. The sagging skin of the lower abdomen is difficult to go back to earlier firmness. Abdominoplasty here emerges as an effective method.

• Diastasis rectus is a condition where the abdomen muscles are spread apart because of the overstretching caused due to pregnancy. Various studies have suggested that around 60% of females experience this overstretching even after childbirth. In this situation, it is only through the tummy tuck method that the problem can get rectified. It is a method designed to tighten the muscles, contour the lower abdomen, and removes excess skin.

• Studies reveal that tummy tuck has myriad cosmetic benefits. It is more popular for its impact on building the confidence level of women. Many times, women even rectify urinary incontinence with it. The process of removal of excess weight results in less strain at the back.

• According to experts, women should stop breastfeeding at least six months before scheduling a tummy tuck surgery. After the surgery, the pain medication may get transferred to the infant through breast milk. It is harmful to babies.

• The traditional abdominoplasty is a surgery that begins with a horizontal incision between the belly button and pubic bone. The skin id pulled back, followed by removal, and the new belly button is placed after removing excess skin. The recovery process following a tummy tuck may require the women to get the elastic wrap to reduce swelling. You must be careful withthe prescribed medication for lowering infection and facilitating healing.

• The mini-tummy tuck is quite similar to the traditional one, however, with specific differences. Here, the whole abdomen does not get operated on, and only the portion where excess fat has accumulated gets rectified. 

A tummy tuck pursues the entire abdomen by removing excess skin and tightening the ab muscles. It requires commitment on the part of the patient to go for post-operation follow-ups. The choice of whether you need a mini tummy tuck or a traditional tummy tuck depends on the specific case. Getting the doctor’s suggestion in this regard is very necessary.

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