Can Glaucoma Be Reversed?

Updated on June 22, 2022

Your eyes are one of the most important organs and also the most sensitive ones. An average person uses their eyes almost 15 hours a day, and we, as humans, are heavily dependent on them. This is why any diseases or conditions that cause damage to our precious eyes are a big concern. One such condition is Glaucoma. This condition has affected more than 3 million Americans and has about 80 million cases around the world, making it one of the biggest threats to one’s eyes.

Many of us don’t take care of our eyes as we should. Eyes also take damage from the environment, like our skin. Although Glaucoma is not caused by the environment, high eye pressure can be a risk factor. There are many eyedrops like careprost which can help you deal with the effects, but the main question still stands, can it be reversed? If you are someone who is researching glaucoma and its effects and if it can be reversed, then you are at the right place. Here is everything that you need to know about Glaucoma.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a condition that damages your eye’s optic nerve. An optic nerve is a bundle of nerve fibers that are more than a million in numbers and take visual messages from your eyes to your brain. You might’ve figured out that it is the most important component of your eye. Glaucoma often occurs due to a buildup of pressure from inside your eye. Many studies on the condition have suggested that it could be a hierarchical condition that mostly occurs at later stages of life. 

Glaucoma doesn’t cause major effects immediately. The increased pressure will damage the optic nerve over time. This can even cause permanent vision loss and total blindness within a few years if taken for granted. If the disease is diagnosed in the early stages, medicines can be used to lower the effects of a condition and save the patient from major vision loss. This is done by reducing the intraocular pressure on your eyes. 

Causes of glaucoma

Your eyes have a fluid inside called aqueous humor. The fluid flows out of your eye by using a mesh-like channel. The channel which helps in drainage of the fluid gets blocked sometimes, which causes the liquid to build up inside your eye. Similar things can be caused if your eye is producing too much aqueous humor. There also have been cases in which experts couldn’t figure out the reason for the blocked liquid. These are the natural reasons for how you can get Glaucoma.

Some other causes of glaucoma can include injuries to your eyes through blunt or chemical means. Eye infection blocks blood vessels, and some inflammatory conditions can cause glaucoma as well. Glaucoma always happens in both eyes. However, one eye could have worse effects than others.

Glaucoma mostly happens to people who are over 40. People under 40 can also get the disease, but most cases that are seen are over that age. You are at the risk of catching the disease if it runs in your family.

Can it be reversed?

Now, moving on to the elephant in the room, can glaucoma be reversed? The answer is technically no. If someone is diagnosed with glaucoma, then current medical science cannot reverse it. The damage that the condition has done to someone’s eyes can also not be cured. However, patients shouldn’t lose all hope as the effects can be reduced to the bare minimum if the procedures are followed correctly.

The main cause of the disease as mentioned was the increased eye pressure from inside your eye. If the main cause of the disease is reversed the effects of the disease will be reduced. You can visit an ophthalmologist to examine your eye. They will be able to measure the pressure that is being placed on your eye’s optic nerve. There are many eye drops that they will be able to recommend that will drain fluid from the eyes reducing the pressure on them. For more effect, you can take oral medications like carbonic anhydrase along with the recommended eye drops. 

For patients which are at the later stages of the condition, operations need to be done in order to achieve the same thing. Laser surgery can be used to open clogged channels in your eyes allowing the fluid to drain as it should. Eye surgeons also perform an operation in which small tubes are inserted into the eyes that reduce eye pressure.


Glaucoma is a big problem if it is not diagnosed in the early stages. However, if you do get it diagnosed in the early stages many precautionary measures can be followed to reduce its effects. Make sure you visit your eye doctor regularly so early diagnosis can be done. If you have glaucoma, then don’t panic, just maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy, regular exercise, taking your medicine, etc. are recommended by doctors for anyone with glaucoma.

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