Can couples therapy work for you? Three crucial things you need to know before you walk into the therapy

Updated on October 11, 2021

Simply put, couples therapy is categorically different from individual therapy. The latter usually concentrates entirely on you and your needs and ways in which you can evolve. Couples therapy, on the other hand, concerns you and your spouse. This treatment enables you and your partner to learn about each other and yourselves. It equips you with guidance to strengthen your bond. Today, happy couples with no conflict also benefit from this therapy. 

Even when you need to choose a counselor, it requires much work. If you and your partner work as a team, it helps. 

Three crucial factors to consider

Is couples therapy new for you? If yes, it’s always beneficial if you are more aware of it. You need to know the following:

  • The counselor can’t save your marriage

You should never expect the counselor to fix your marriage. It’s not their job! Instead, they are there to guide you so that you put in the desired effort, follow their suggestions and work on your marriage. You might be questioning your partner’s contribution as well. And the truth is you both need to work as a team. But since you can’t control another person, you need to be sure about your efforts and do your part honestly. 

  • The majority of the work gets done outside the sessions

Once you leave the counselors office, don’t think that your relationship or marriage will get miraculously solved. The counseling sessions will give you adequate guidance. And once you leave the session, you need to use the advice shared with you. Hence, maximum work gets done once you move out of the session, which determines the success of your therapy and the marriage. To know more, you can check out Telakai Health services.

It’s easy to feel motivated when you are at the counselor’s chamber. But once you reach home, you might find your demons arising, not allowing you to do the required work. There are times when you might find it convenient to pass on the blame on your partner. There might be times when you feel demotivated and tired. Even then, it would help if you did the work for the couples therapy to work in your favor. 

However, it is essential to know that the therapy won’t work for you if you escape from putting in your effort. 

  • It isn’t a quick fix

One of the most crucial things to know about this therapy is that it’s not a quick or guaranteed fix. Not all couples who seek couples therapy can save their relationship. There are times when couples realize that they are not compatible and that it will do well if they stay apart. They get to realize this through the course of the therapy. The outcome of the therapy can make people stay with one another and also part ways so that both can stay in peace and harmony. You have to be open to the outcome. 

Hence, if you are concerned about the highest good of your relationship, then couples therapy will work for you. 

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