Can a Doctor Do Side Business?

Updated on December 6, 2021

Decreasing salaries and an increasingly competitive medical industry have made some doctors branch out to other income-generating means. So, what are some side businesses you can do as a physician?

Among many great ideas for side hustles, consider legit paid medical surveys, which could rake in some serious dough without messing up your schedule.

Great Side Hustles for Doctors

Doctors can leverage their medical expertise outside the clinical environment to make a mint in a lot of ways. Here are some of them:

Invent a Product

Decades’ worth of medical and scientific knowledge, coupled with an innovative mind, could be just the recipe you need to earn some serious cash. You can start small, creating prototypes of different medical products using a CNC machine.

Whether it’s a prosthetic, a pen clip, or an ergonomic ambulatory aid, these inventions could pad your income and fatten your bank account.

That said, make sure to get those creative gears working, as an original concept could be what your colleagues and patients are looking for. Furthermore, bring passion and dedication to your venture and be determined to see it through to the end.

Start a Medical Podcast

These days, it takes practically no effort to start your own podcast. A good microphone, a laptop or a desktop computer, and an iTunes or Spotify account are all you need to make it happen. The tricky part would be to get the word out on your podcast. Interesting topics and a passionate voice should take care of that in time anyway.

Technological hurdles may stand in the way of a smooth start, but some quick online tutorials should fix that, too. While you’re at it, learn about popular editing applications so that you can make your recordings sound professional.

Home Telemedicine

The prevalence of video chat programs and affordable web cameras make it easier than ever for physicians to provide care virtually. This affords patients inexpensive medical advice and provides doctors a great way to supplement their income outside of a clinical environment.

The setup also prevents physicians from spending too much on administrative overhead. That’s a win-win on both sides!

Start an Educational Clinic

Imparting healthcare knowledge to the general public has been proven to bring in some serious dough for physicians. You can teach students about First-Aid, offer CPR classes to government employees, or teach families in different communities the importance of a healthy and well-balanced diet.

There is no shortage of people who lack education or are miseducated about health, medicine, or science. As such, any topic covering this would be a good place to start.

Coordinate a Health Fair

Health fairs become considerably more respectable and attendance-worthy when promoted by a physician. Help bring in a credible and relatable speaker to inspire and educate the audience, and turn a health fair into a hot ticket.

Vouch for health fairs that are about to take place in your area to give it some much-needed hype. When doctors talk about health, people listen, and people pay.

Start a Mobile App for Doctors

There are tons of user-friendly app creators for developing personalized apps. The key to crafting an app that becomes a big hit is to explore an unfamiliar but interesting niche and put it out there for the world to see.

Check what your competitors have to offer and bring something new to the table. You’re not likely to fare well filling an overused niche that other businesses are better known for. Create your own lane for your app and avoid joining anyone else’s to break into the market earlier and more smoothly.

Go Back To Providing Traditional House Calls

There’s something about being cared for at home that makes patients and their loved ones a lot more comfortable. Bring this traditional service to your professional repertoire to stand out from your colleagues.

Doing this is bound to earn you some decent side income as well as newfound respect from the medical community. While you can approach this venture as a freelancer, you can also affiliate with home care agencies providing this particular service to acquire immediate clients.

Sell Medical Equipment

People will want to know all about a specific piece of medical equipment before they decide to buy it. Who better to tell them about it than a doctor? As a doctor, your knowledge about the different types of medical supplies and equipment is practically unrivaled. That could make you the perfect sales representative for major suppliers.

There Are Countless Side Businesses To Partake In

There is no shortage of outside-the-clinic business endeavors to help doctors supplement their income. From small-scale business undertakings that help boost savings to humungous ventures that can make you enough money to consider focusing on the business solely, money-making opportunities abound for well-respected physicians.

See which of the above side hustles align with your needs or explore other areas you feel are more suited to your circumstances. Either way, your dedication ensures there will come a day when it will happen for you.

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