Buying A Shredder?

Updated on September 21, 2011

By Robert E. Wagner

So you’re about to plunge into the world of information destruction equipment, and you’ll want to approach it with eyes wide open. A smart idea, considering this is 
a major purchase for your company. A little education up front doesn’t take a lot of time, but it could save you thousands of dollars and help you pinpoint the right equipment for your needs – now and down the road as your operation expands.

Allegheny Shredders, the industry leader for over 40 years, has gained much expertise by helping tens of thousands of buyers select the proper equipment. They have created a free 20-page Buyers’ Guide, “How to Avoid the Five Most Common Mistakes in Buying Information Destruction Equipment”, to help readers navigate 
the territory. It’s full of key points regarding how to choose the right shredder as well as pitfalls to avoid.

Here are some considerations covered in detail in the guide:

1) What type of equipment do you need? A paper shredder, a grinder or a disintegrator? What type of information do you want to destroy (paper, hard drives, multimedia, e-scrap, etc.)?

2) What size and type of shredder would work best for you? A high capacity industrial shredder, a cross shredding system, or a complete system with an output conveyor and baler?

3) What questions should you ask the vendor to determine the quality of the shredder?

4) How do you streamline your operation for maximum output? How will you allow for sufficient space, for a logical flow of materials into and out of your facility? Learn how to avoid a “bottleneck” in your operation.

5) How can you allow for future growth? You may want to add more optional equipment down the road, or upgrade to a larger shredder. Plan now for that possibility.

6) How do you arrive at a good purchase price and protect your investment? Consider initial AND ongoing costs, taking into account factors such as: Is the equipment made in America or overseas (potential import/export costs)? Is there a trade-in allowance? How can preventive maintenance minimize costly downtime?

The booklet also contains a Needs Assessment Form to help you clarify your requirements – based on frequency of shredding, quantity of material to be shredded, what shred size you desire, how many destruction locations you have, and the type of material to be destroyed.

This practical guide is designed to turn you into a knowledgeable buyer – providing valuable savings for your initial purchase and peace of mind as your information destruction equipment provides you many productive years of trouble-free operation.

To obtain your free copy of this valuable Buyer’s Guide, call Allegheny Shredders at 800-245-2497.

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