Bringing Care Home Resources

Updated on June 23, 2013

The Pennsylvania Homecare Association (PHA) has developed a powerful video resource and informative guidebook called Bringing Care Home.

The 11-minute documentary chronicles the stories of three Pennsylvania families grappling with common issues that many people face as they care for their loved ones.

The companion guidebook provides information about the different types of long-term care that are available, where to find them, what questions to ask, how much they cost and resources available to help pay for caring aging parents, try to navigate the healthcare system and find the resources they need to keep loved ones at home.

“While planning for aging, illness and end-of-life care may not necessarily be topics that people are eager to discuss, this is an important and critical conversation that families need to have,” said Jennifer Battista, PHA communications director. “Just like that infamous moment when parents impart the wisdom of the ‘birds and the bees’ to their budding teenagers, this is another ‘must have’ conversation on the continuum of life: the talk about what our parents wishes’ – and our wishes – are as they grow older.”

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