Brian C Jensen Talks about Overcoming Mental Blues during the Uncertain Times

Updated on November 2, 2020

While these unprecedented times have pushed people into stressful situations, the key is to have a positive mindset and not fall for deconstructive means. Many people are facing wage cuts, loss of jobs and loved ones, and maintaining not just your physical wellbeing, but focusing on your mental wellbeing is also critical until the pandemic outbreak takes a positive turn.

Make a Routine

Developing a schedule and adhering to it is a critical task. Your surrounding will reflect negatives vibes and bad news, but not getting caught in the dilemma is essential. If you are working from home, it is crucial to stick to a routine to manage your mental wellbeing. A well-planned and robust routine makes you take control of your day and achieve more and more gradually. For instance, a regular bedtime can normalize your sleep cycle and ease your mind of any negative thoughts. As an adult, you can use a routine to empower and maintain your health.

Brian C Jensen Stresses on Networking

You can use technology to stay connected with your family, relatives, and friends. A simple phone call, a text message, or a reminder on social media platforms about past events are a few examples to stay in touch with. You can also make new friends on social media platforms to increase your current network. 

Spend Due Time with Your Family

Focusing on building each other’s mental health is vital. One can focus on mindfulness activities, yoga, meditation, and other forms to deduce inner peace. Such activities work in calming your soul and aid your mental wellbeing. Simple breathing exercises push us to center our thoughts and focus in the right direction. If you think any of your family members are facing mental stress, talk to them and support them in their tough times. 

Selective Outlook is the Solution

Of course, having an up-to-date mind is essential. However, learn to focus on things differently. Brian C Jensen suggests finding a balance between gaining information and stepping back when needed. The negative news can consume your mental and emotional health. In light of this, use media at a particular time in a day. Use your leisure time instead to boost your other hobbies and talents. 

Go Old School and Follow Traditional Methods

Technological advancements have led to a significant transformation of how we perceive things today. The same technology significantly acts as a distraction too. However, there is no harm in selecting a few traditional ways to keep the distractions away. For instance, you can pick up an old book from the shelf and start reading. It is evident that reading from side to side can restore brain pathways in cases of traumatic attacks and injuries. 

Feeling anxious is normal during COVID-19. However, having control of our minds can play positive tricks in building our mental and emotional wellbeing. Instead of focusing on the future, think about what you can achieve at this very right time.

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