Breast Cancer Surgeon Offers Little Known Facts About Breast Cancer

Updated on March 15, 2018

Renowned breast care expert and surgeon, John G. West, M.D., is the author of the recently released book, “Prevent Survive Thrive: Every Woman’s Guide To Optimal Breast Care,” which provides women with crucial knowledge for optimal breast care.  It also offers them the tools to take charge of their breast health, as well as guidance to ask the right questions and demand the proper treatments from their doctor to avoid diagnostic delays that would reduce their chance of surviving breast cancer. (

Dr. West says, “I wrote this book to clear up the confusion and set the record straight for women about the many controversies that exist today in breast health, as well as to help them obtain the best possible breast care.

He adds, “Women need to know as much or more about the recent advances in breast care than their doctors do, if they want to minimize their risk of needing chemotherapy, mastectomy and the risk of cancer recurrence.”  A dedicated breast surgeon with over 40 years of experience that he shares with his readers, Dr. West explains, “I want to give readers that same advice on breast care that I would give to my wife or daughter.”

A pioneer and recognized expert in the field of breast cancer treatments, he is a tireless advocate for breast self-awareness and wants to inspire women to follow early detection guidelines, such as getting a mammogram starting at age 40 as well as getting additional screening with ultrasound if they have dense breasts.

In “Prevent Survive Thrive,” Dr. West passionately addresses the government’s revised and dangerously weakened guidelines recommending a mammogram at “age 50, not 40.”  Dr. West vehemently disagrees with this and insists doctors must offer their patients mammograms at age 40, which can save many lives. Explains Dr. West, “More years of life are lost from breast cancer for women in their 40s than all the years of life lost for women 50 and older.”  Dr. West is so passionate about this subject he has devoted an entire website to the campaign “40, not 50.”

Dr. West’s book is organized in a way that makes it easy to get the answers to a wide spectrum of breast care issues and he offers specific medically-sound information and advice designed to help women decide which option is best for them when facing a particular breast diagnosis.

An example of the book’s potentially lifesaving advice is his explanation of what women must do if the mammogram report states that their breasts are dense.  Cancers can hide in dense breasts.  “The good news is that by adding ultrasound to the screening process doubles the detection of small and potentially curable breast cancers,” says Dr. West.

Other important topics covered in the book range from “Can carrying my cell phone in my bra cause breast cancer?” and ”When Should I Get a Second Opinion?” to “Just Diagnosed, What Should I Ask?” and ”How to Reduce Your Risk of Developing Breast Cancer,” to name just a few.  Multiple patient case histories are also shared in the book.

States Dr. West, “My dream is to find a cure, which will put me out of work, as there will no longer be breast cancer to treat.”

For more information about Dr. West and “Prevent Survive Thrive: Every Woman’s Guide to Optimal Breast Care,” please and to learn more about BreastLink, Dr. West’s breast care center located in Orange, CA, please go to


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