Brain Function: Seven Life-Changing Ways To Improve It

Updated on December 23, 2020

It is important to take great care of your brain health, especially as you age. There are many ways to improve your brain function. A healthy mind helps a great deal towards the healing of the body. At Fairview Rehab & Nursing Home, we run an experienced team of doctors and mental health professionals. So, patients are encouraged to use all ways to improve their brain function.  

Here are seven tips that are considered most effective.  

1. Certain foods stimulate brain function

There are foods that are so effective in improving brain function that are named “brain foods.” Their effectiveness is due to certain ingredients that are known to boost the brain’s function and a person’s mental acumen. A recovery diet that includes ‘brain foods’ can greatly speed up your physical healing. For example, Omega Acids are used to help concentration and improve your memory. 

2. Puzzles and other brain teasers are exercises for the brain

Just like you exercise your body to improve its health and effectiveness, you can also use brain training to improve your brain function. There are plenty of fun activities that are at the same time great for improving mental function. Some of the examples are Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and word searches. Reading is also considered a great exercise for the brain.

3. Enjoy socializing and talking with other people

Humans are social creatures. Most of us need regular human interactions. Scientific research shows that interactions with other people and meaningful conversations have a very beneficial effect on our brains. Being solitary and isolated and not speaking to other people for days can make our brains sluggish.

4. Meditation is known to improve brain activity

Not everyone believes in the power of meditation. But, in many cultures, it has been an accepted practice for thousands of years. Scientific research shows without a doubt that regularly practiced meditation has very beneficial results. Just five to ten minutes of daily meditation can greatly reduce stress and release the pressure on the mind. It is also believed that meditation reduces the risk of dementia and other mental disorders.

5. Get enough sleep

We all know that we do not function well if we do not get enough sleep. Among them are the loss of focus and poor concentration. Solid, uninterrupted sleep is crucial for keeping your brain in top shape. And when your brain works well, your body recovers faster.

6. Keep learning

Learning new things is one of the great pleasures and should not be limited to our school years. Constant learning is believed to improve brain function. You do not have to go back to school. It is enough to learn something new every day. It can be a new language, better programming skills, or the history of Rome you were always curious about. 

7. Get enough vitamin D

An optimal dose of vitamin D is known to help your brain function. The way to activate vitamin D in our body is through exposure to the sunlight. And enjoying a sunny day will definitively improve your mood.

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