Book by Duquesne University Author Named on Three Essential-Reading Lists

Updated on May 19, 2013
Dr. Matt Drake with a student.
Dr. Matt Drake with a student.

A recently published book by Duquesne University business professor Dr. Matt Drake has been named to three different lists of essential new works on supply chain management (SCM).

Global Supply Chain Management (Business Expert Press, 2012), Drake’s first book, is an introduction to SCM basics with an emphasis on business operations in a global context. Though in print for little more than a year, it is considered recommended reading by:

  • totalsupply, an e-newsletter for supply chain and logistics professionals, which selected Drake’s book as one of five recent noteworthy titles;
  •, an Indian higher education website that included the book on a list of essential reference works on the subject; and
  • The Bridgefield Group, a Georgia-based organization providing supply chain consulting and education services for various industries, which calls the book recommended reading.

No other work on any of the lists was named on all three lists. The book is being used in classes at Bowling Green University and the University of Maryland.

Drake undertook writing the book after responding to a call for proposals from the publisher and accomplished the writing task during the summer of 2012. The publisher, Business Expert Press, which Drake said is relatively new to the marketplace, specializes in books for business professionals rather than for students, adding that their books tend to be timely and highly focused, “the kind of books that could be read on an international flight.”

Written for SCM-outsiders as well as specialists, the book has just four chapters. After introducing the subject, he delves more deeply into sourcing and transportation—the two SCM functions that often present significant challenges, particularly in a global business environment. Global Supply Chain Management also addresses sustainability, product tampering, fraud and deception, sweatshop labor and other ethical issues popping up in cross-border business deals.

Global Supply Chain Management is available from the publisher’s website and from Barnes & Noble and other book vendors. Individual chapter reprints are available through the website of the Harvard Business Publishing.

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