Blue Monarch Hospice: A Companion

Updated on December 3, 2021

A great companion can be so hard to find in life, and sometimes people don’t find one at all. As people grow older, happiness has been the main goal for most of them. People of a certain age do not give too much thought to the material and physical things in life. Most of the time, they are about happiness and just doing what they want in life. Having the freedom to do these things becomes limited as time passes on too. Movements become limited, and old people usually have low energy to do the activities they love.

What exactly is hospice care? In simpler terms, hospice care is a sort of health treatment that focuses on relieving a terminally ill patient’s pain and symptoms while also addressing their emotional and spiritual needs. When a condition, such as advanced cancer, has progressed to the point that therapy can no longer cure or control it, hospice care is utilized. In general, hospice care should be employed when a person’s life expectancy is projected to be 6 months or fewer if their condition progresses normally. Family talks are an important matter during these times. People with advanced cancer should have a conversation with their family and doctor about when hospice care should begin. 

Time is of important essence during these challenging and somber times as some people may delay the process as they would think negatively of having hospice care. Some patients may prolong the process and mix up taking hospice care and giving up from their lives. The whole process shouldn’t be like this. This is why talking is very important for the patient and for their loved ones. This way, both parties are aware and they can talk peacefully and come up with an effective way or solution.

Another thing to remember is that hospice care is not a prison. A patient can quit hospice at any moment and begin active cancer therapy. However, hospice offers the prospect of a quality life, allowing patients to make the most of each day while they are in the latter stages of their disease.

Blue Monarch Hospice: Reasons to Start Hospice Care

There are reasons in everything people start in life. In Blue Monarch Hospice care, there also must be “signs” or definite reasons on why a patient and their family might agree to go to Blue Monarch Hospice and receive special care and treatment.

Hospital fees

Many folks are always not so sure on whether to contact hospice or not because they are concerned about the price. Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurers, on the other hand, cover a comprehensive range of medical and non-medical hospice patient and family services, including the following:

  • Hospice doctors and nurses provide medical care in the comfort of your own home or at a residential facility. This way, you or your loved ones can be comfortable and it wouldn’t be such a hassle to drive all the way to a hospice home, especially if it’s not a preferable situation for the family.
  • Consultations with your primary care physician and specialists. Hospice care involves consultations which is essential during these times.
  • Several medicines are available. As one of the necessities in people with diseases, medication is required and important especially when it requires a timely intake.
  • There are social workers who can help by assisting you when you need something.
  • Home care aides
  • Spiritual advisors and chaplains
  • Counselors for bereavement
  • Wheelchairs, hospital beds, and other hospital equipment.
  • Companionship, transportation to doctor visits, alternative treatments, and other services for U.S. veterans are provided by volunteers.

Enhance your quality of life

One of hospice care’s main goal is to make your life better and improve your everyday life. If chronic pain, exhaustion, shortness of breath, anxiety, sleeplessness, or depression are making it difficult to get through the day, Blue Monarch Hospice can assist you. Although it may take time to adjust and get used to the service and get symptoms under control.

Hospice Care prioritizes your well-being

Early hospice adoption gives you more time to express your wishes and develop a care plan that is specific to your needs. Hospice care is designed to prioritize their patients and listen to whatever they have in mind. A patient’s needs, wants, or requests are always welcome. Blue Monarch hospice is not just about what they can offer their patients, but they also want to know what the patient wants. Every individual has different wants and needs, and hospice care is also concerned with their patient’s individual concerns.

Help you communicate with doctors

Hospice providers assist you in understanding your medical treatment and provide you with the opportunity to ask questions. It could be intimidating to navigate your way into the unfamiliar field of medicine. In fact, many adult children and spouses rely on hospice to assist them in navigating the healthcare system. It’s always good to have someone to rely on and ask for help from.

Hospice care gives you support

One of the main pillars of hospice is their offered support for the family. Hospice care experts teach families how to care for a loved one in the most effective way possible. They also provide emotional support, which includes everything from simple and casual “kitchen table discussions” to referrals to personal therapy or support groups. Hospice also provides and arranges respite care for burnt out caregivers. Blue Monarch Hospice prioritizes not only their patients’ but also their staff’s well-being. It would be beneficial to start hospice care early as early start means hospice can allow you and your family time to get to know the individuals who will be caring for you, whether it’s a nurse, volunteer, or assistant. In this tough time, seeing familiar faces may be reassuring.

It may be a challenging page for many patients and their family but these times should not be treated as purely tragedies. There is always silver linings and it’s good to see the good things while they last. Letting your loved one know that you care about them is precious and is always welcome.

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