Best Seat Cushions to Use At Work

Updated on November 21, 2020

For various people who work in an office setting, sitting in an office chair without proper support can be a massive stress on the back and tailbone. This is mainly due to having to be in a sitting position for an extended amount of time. The lumbar discs are three times heavier when sitting than standing, and sitting without support often leads to poor posture, which causes soft tissues and joints in the spine. 

For many people, sitting in an office chair causes back pain over time. Less compression on your hips, spine, and tailbone is essential when you spend 40 hours or more sitting at a desk. This is why considering or having ergonomic options when choosing office chair support is necessary.  A good seat or back cushion (or both) will redistribute that compressive force and protect your body from the usual wear and tear it is used to today in and day out.

Here are five of the best seat cushion for office chair support at work:

Memory Foam Lumbar Support

It is ideal for people who have to sit for long periods, as it comfortably distributes body weight, and its ergonomic design promotes good posture. An elastic strap helps keep the cushion in place.

Coccyx Memory Foam

Coccyx seat cushion has a unique, ergonomic, cut-out design that makes it ideal for larger bodies, but it also works better for smaller ones. It also helps to reduce the pressure on your hip bones. The cut-out area distributes your weight more evenly, making it easier to sit up correctly so that you can flex your spine at intervals.

Wedge Cushion Memory Foam

The large seat cushion is comfortable and fits naturally to your shape since it has memory foam. Thanks to its two-layer foam system, the cushion never gets “flat” and helps to relieve pressure, numbness, back pain, and much more. Its ergonomic design makes it the best office support chair pillows.

Even if your work doesn’t keep you at your desk for a long time, you can make great use of this pillow since it is portable and can go from your office to your car. 

Gel Infused Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion

The combination of foam and insulation in this cushion allows for the best office chair support since it provides better posture while sitting longer, providing more support on both your lower back and tailbone. This seat cushion has a set of orthopedic pillows to alleviate chronic back pain. This is a seat cushion that helps reduce pressure on the coccyx, relieves any discomfort caused by sciatica, herniated discs, and other back problems, as well as a lumbar support pillow to support back pain. Oh, and the memory foam allows you to have comfort immediately since it molds to your body.

Gel Infused Coccyx Cushion

This is one of the best office chair pillows since it is made of gel-infused and ventilated memory foam. It aims to support your tailbone and improve posture with its U-shaped design. Memory foam allows you to sit for long periods of time without discomfort, even when your posture is perfect.

While most of these cushions help relieve pre-existing chronic back pain and discomfort that may have arisen after months or years of distress and discomfort, you can take the necessary steps to have relief. The back is really under pressure when you’re sitting down for long periods. Many people who work long hours at a time find themselves struggling with back and hip. Portable back and seat support help extend and support the spine. It is also much cheaper to have the best office chair support than spend thousands of dollars on pain relievers or doctor visits.

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