Best SARMS for Sale: These Help in Bodybuilding (Cutting, Bulking & Strength)

Updated on November 9, 2023

If you are into bodybuilding then you probably know how challenging it can be. Those intense workouts, strict diet, and pain is not a piece of cake for everyone. However, if you are dead set to see those abs hiding behind your belly and get that physique that you always dreamed of then SARMs can be a huge help for you.

If you are even a little bit into bodybuilding you probably came across some guy who suggested you use some anabolic steroids. Although, if you have done any research, you already know how harmful those are.

SARMs are a great substitute that you can take instead. SARMs is an acronym which stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. Where anabolic steroids affect the entire body and cause side effects, SARMs, on the other hand, work only on key regions which are muscles and fat.

Best SARMS for BodyBuilding:

There are many SARMs for sale on the market that are considered good but if you want the best result from SARMs, you’ll need to try out different combinations and options to your own ideal blend. Here are the best 5 SARMs that will make you stand out from the crowd

Note – no drug no matter how good it is can give you the same result, every human body is different and it depends upon the capacity of the body of the individual.

Ostarine MK – 2866   

This is a product of GTx inc which is a pharma company, this product is considered to be the safest and most commonly used SARMS that you can find in the market. It helps in increasing the efficiency of the natural androgens, plus it does not affect the androgens in any bad way.

Ostarine MK 2866 is used for maintaining a good muscle mass, reducing fat, bulking, and a proper body builds up even if you are not getting proper calorie and nutrients. However, similar to many SARMs, Ostarine MK – 2866 is not FDA approved and it is still not technically legal which makes it a little difficult to trust.

Although it is still much safer than many other SARMs that are available in the market.

This SARMs product is not only beneficial for gents who dream to build their muscle and gain strength, but also beneficial for women who are suffering from diseases like muscle degeneration, weakness, and osteoporosis.

This makes this SARMs product beneficial for both genders. This anabolic–androgenic steroid is a diluted steroid which makes it a good choice for beginners. The Ostarine MK – 2866 contains natural substances like testosterone and also includes synthetic androgens whose qualities are similar to testosterone.

Not only that, Ostarine MK – 2866 not only benefits bodybuilding but it also has many other benefits that can help the consumer. It is known to increase stamina, metabolism, and even mental reasoning capabilities of the user which makes it a package deal.


The recommended Ostarine MK 2866 dosage for beginners is to take 25mg to 36mg for 4 to 6 weeks. However, if you feel that the dose is still big for you, then you can still decrease the dosage.


It helps in cutting fat, maintaining body mass, and building up body strength. 

Testolone RAD – 140

Testolone is one of the new products that has entered the SARMs market. It is engineered to give the best upgrade to your muscle mass properly and also provide an increase in the physical and mental stamina of the body.

Originally, this product was designed for the treatment of breast cancer in women but later found out that it can give fantastic results in the bodybuilding game. 

Testolone RAD – 140 can give you an instant and long-lasting stamina so that you can go long hours in your workout without feeling tired. This makes Testolone RAD – 140 fastest-acting bulking SARM in the market.

However, it is a strong medicine so the user has to be careful while taking the drug. A small amount can still cause some side effects in beginners.

You can counter this problem using a post steroid cycle. It refers to a therapy supplement that balances the body’s natural mechanisms to work smoothly and properly.

Testolone is an extremely efficient drug that is capable of providing great results without the risk of various side effects that you can encounter in traditional steroid injections. 

In fact, this product is so concentrated and effective that it can make a perfectly healthy person gain approx 8 to 19lbs body muscle in just 6 to 7 weeks (depends upon the capacity of the body). So, it becomes important to watch the intake carefully and not take more than the recommended amount of dosage.

Dosage –

When it comes to RAD 140 Testolone dosage, you can take 8 to 10 mg of Testolone RAD – 140 if the user a beginner and just started the cycle. However, you can take a high dosage of up to 20 mg if the user is an experienced bodybuilder and has taken these medicines before. 

Keep in mind these doses are recommended for only up to 10 weeks of use, you can notice significant results in just 6 to 7 weeks.

Benefits – 

The Testolone is known for the significant increase in the testosterone levels of the body. It also helps in better strength levels, increasing muscle mass, long-lasting stamina, 

Ligandrol LGD–4033

The Ligandrol LGD–4033 SARM is a product of San Diego-based pharma company called Ligand Pharmaceuticals. This product is particularly made for weight loss and cutting fat. 

However, as it turns out, it can also play a vital role when it comes to bulking and gaining lean muscle weight.  This is why it is said to be a new model of the Ostarine drug which was also very popular in the business.

Besides its bulking and weight loss qualities, the Ligandrol is capable of doing a lot more than that. It is also a proven drug for the treatment of muscle degeneration, osteoporosis, and other degenerative conditions. 

To put a cherry on top, its drug has some qualities that can improve the sex drive of the individual also. 

Dosage –

Since it is the best strongest SARMs it is recommended to use very less amount of the drug, especially for first-time users.

It is recommended to use 5 to 15 mg of the drug for the first 6 weeks and you can gradually increase the dose when your body gets comfortable with the drug. 

However, it is preferable to not increase the amount of more than one to two mg per day as it can cause side effects. Click here to read more about the proper Ligandrol LGD 4033 dosage and benefits.


It can prevent muscle degeneration and osteoporosis like diseases. Furthermore, it is beneficial for both bulking and fat cutting purposes, plus it improves blood circulation.

Ibutamoren MK–677 

First of all, Ibutamoren MK–677 is not technically a SARM however, the functions and benefits of Ibutamoren are very much similar to a SARM drug which is why it is considered to be a SARM.

Ibutamoren is also called Ibutamoren, this miracle drug is largely used to boost energy and stamina, increase bone density, and grow muscle mass. Not only that, but Ibutamoren also helped in increasing the appetite of the user. As well as it is arguably the only SARM that can help in inducing sleep.

Ibutamorenis a good substitute for the ghrelin receptor (the ghrelin controls and regulates the hunger of the individual). It mimics the role of ghrelin which makes you more hungry and leads to muscle gain. 

Besides giving you a lean and bulky body this drug has many more benefits that will make you get on board with it. It is proven that the Ibutamoren nourishes your skin, nails, and hair condition by providing a proper diet and adequate sleep pattern.

Dosage – 

Dosage of Ibutamoren MK–677 is pretty standard. You can start with a 10 mg dose in the first week and increase it up to 50 mg in a 12 week period. Plus you don’t have to take a PCT cycle with Ibutamoren.


Besides giving a lean body and adequate sleep, this drug can also reduce anxiety, protect kidneys, and dials down the aggression of the user. 

Also called GTx-007 or Androxolutamide, the Andarine S4 SARM is a design of Kaken Pharmaceuticals located in Japan, and GTx inc later converted it into a research medicine. 

It was first created for the treatment of breast cancer, muscle degeneration, prostate cancer, and more. However, it was later found out that it can also facilitate body mass and oxidize body fat efficiently, which means it is good for both bulking and stacking.                                            

The other thing good about the Andarine is that it is not much concentrated like the other SARM products. Moreover, it doesn’t aromatize, hence the user does not have to worry about water retention, Secretion of estrogen, or any cardiovascular disease.

Apart from all the bulking and cutting benefits, this SARM also helps in strengthening of bones and increasing sex drive in the user.

Dosage –

Since it is a mild drug, you can take 50 – 75mg dosage for a 12 to 16 weeks period. Although it is recommended to divide the dose into three parts and take them with meals.


Besides helping in gaining weight and cutting down unnecessary fat it also helps in improving sex drive and protects the bones and muscles from wear and tear.

Benefits and Advantages of SARMs

If you are an athlete, gym-freak, bodybuilder, or a fitness addict then you know SARMs can have many good effects on your body and can help you build the body of your dreams. SARMs have a noticeable change than many other anabolic steroids. They are:

  1. It helps in reducing the recovery time after the workout.
  2. It is a great catalyst for weight loss 
  3. It helps in increasing body mass in a healthy way.
  4. They are taken orally which means there is no need for injection.
  5. It does not change into estrogen.
  6. They have minimal or almost nil side effects on the human body.
  7. They are completely legal and easily available.

Everything you have to know about SARMs stacking

The SARMs stacking is the combination of different SARMs for their different properties. In fact, if you stack some of these best SARMs in 2023 together, you will get some absolutely amazing results from your cycle.

We should know that each SARMs is designed and has its own properties. You can only carry 1 or 2 SARMs for bulking, fat cutting, or healing. 

Every person stacking needs are different, some need to get bulky as well as stay healthy, some need for weight loss as well as cuttings, some need cuttings as well as staying healthy, etc. 

Some examples of SARMs stacking, which people usually go for, are as follows:

Taking SARMS for Mass Bulking Purpose

The best way to get the most favorable results is to mix 10mg of Ostarine MK-2866 and Ligandrol LGD for 6 weeks cycle and include a supplement cycle of PCT. Later on, you can increase your cycle to a maximum of 10 weeks supplement for a better result. Although, it is recommended to start with short cycles and gradually increase the dosage over time. 

  • 10mg Lingandrol LGD-4033 and 10 mg Testonol RAD 140 for one week cycle.
  • 10mg of S23 + 10 mg Testonol RAD-140 + 20 mg Ibutamoren MK-677 for a cycle of 8 weeks

Taking SARMS for Weight Cutting Purpose

Some people have the right body shape but don’t get the cuts they see online, these stackings are great to try for the cutting. So here are some options:

  • Ostraine MK-2866 (20mg) and Cardarine GW-501516 (10mg) once in a day for 10 weeks
  • Ostarine MK–2866 (20mg) and Ligandrol LGD (5mg ) daily for 8 weeks.
  • Ligandrol LGD–4033 (5mg) with  Andarine S-4 (5mg) per day for an 8-week cycle

Taking SARMS for Core Strength Purpose

Doesn’t matter if you want a lean body or want to bulk up like a beast, ultimately it all comes to strength. These are some SARM stacking options that will allow you to lift more!

  • Ligandrol LGD – 4033 (10 to15mg) and YK-11 for up to 6 to 8 weeks + PCT supplement at the end of every cycle 
  • Testolone RAD–140 (10mg ) + S-23 (10mg ) for 8 to 10 weeks + PCT supplement in the last period of the cycle   

Taking SARMS for Healing Purpose

Hardcore training can lead to damaged and tired muscles, and if not taken care of properly they can lead to some serious injury. To counter this problem there are some stacking options that will ease the pain and ensure a speedy recovery.

  • Ostarine MK (20mg) + Ibutamoren MK (10mg) + SR – 9009 (10mg) for an 8-week cycle, then there must be a gap of 8 weeks, follow it with a PCT supplement  

Taking SARMS for Females

We have stated earlier that many SARMs are used to cure diseases related to females like breast cancer. So, if you are a girl who wants to build a body, lose weight, or even tone your muscles then you can try the following combination.

  • 5 mg of the Ligandrol LGD – 4033 + 10 mg of  the Ostarine MK, + 1mg of the Andarine S-4 for 10 weeks followed with a gap of 6 weeks in between different cycles  

How Does SARMs Function?

SARMs have to be taken in proper dosages to achieve the best results. Since different SARMs have different qualities so you have to carefully choose which would be the right combination for you.

You also have to carefully select the amount of dose so your body doesn’t get overloaded with high concentration drugs. SARMs come in different types of that includes liquid form, in capsules, and in the form of powder for your convenience.   

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Conclusion: SARMS Can Help You Get Your Desired Body?

Building muscle or losing weight is difficult and requires blood, sweat, and tears (literally)  to achieve your goal. SARMs can make this process much easier and a little faster for you. They give the results similar to anabolic steroids without any side effects.

However, you should always take SARMs after considering it with your doctor or physician. Furthermore, the result varies from user to user so, you should formulate a perfect dose for the best results. 

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