Best Dry Herb Vaporizer[2020 Update]

Updated on March 5, 2021

If you are looking for the best dry herb vaporizer, you will come across many lists over the internet. What you don’t know is most of these are written by content writers who do not have an idea about vaping. The whole idea behind writing the content is not to provide you the right knowledge but to generate money from the website. 

Most of the time than not, brands use it to promote their product. In short, these recommendations are trash. We are going to recommend you dry herb vaporizers that we have used and tested.  

We test vaporizers on three different metrics, 

  • Vapor quality
  • Ease of use
  • Safety

Don’t worry; you are sure to learn about the best dry herb vaporizer by the end of this article. 

Instead of relying on faulty information, keep reading to know about our top 5 choices. We are only going to talk about the portable ones in here. 

Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

1. DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer

If you are a vaping connoisseur, you should have this portable ad dual-use vaporizer. DaVinci IQ2 is an improved version of DaVinci IQ. The original DaVinci IQ came out in 2016. It has been the favorite of the users, as well as the critics. According to DaVinci, with IQ2, all your grievances are going to be a thing of the past. 

DaVinci is an esteemed company that has won several awards and accolades. In 2017, it won the Best Product Award in Spannabis Barcelona. The company produces high-end vaporizers producing tasty vapor. 

Shipping and Return Policy

DaVinci offers free shipping all over Europe, USA, and Canada if your order amount exceeds $100. What’s more, you can free extract a refill kit along with a dosage pod refill kit when you purchase the vaporizer from the official site. The vaporizer comes with a ten years warranty. 

In case you find the vaporizer to be faulty on arrival, you can request a replacement or refund. This has to be done within 14 days from the purchase date. However, if you have to return the product for some other reason, DaVinci only accepts unopened and unused products within 14 days of the delivery date, along with a restocking fee of 15%.

If you have placed the order from the official site and you find it to be faulty, the best way is to contact them directly for a replacement. 


  • The dual-material vaporizer that has a bottom-heating chamber.
  • Two mouthpieces.
  • Voted the best dry herb vaporizer by Observer.
  • The vapor path from the mouthpiece to the oven is made of all-ceramic zirconia and medical grade silicone.
  • The device’s heating chamber is made of zirconia ceramic. 
  • It derives its power from a 18650 battery
  • The cell’s capacity is 3500mAh and take 6 hours to charge 
  • It is Bluetooth compatible
  • More heat setting can be added to the vaporizer through a downloadable app
  • The device comes with a 3-button control panel and 4 Smart Path preset ranges of temperature starting at level 1. 
  • It takes just 30 seconds to heat up.  
  • The portable device comes with a 10-year warranty. 
  • It is compatible with extracts and dry herbs. 
  • The vaporizer can track the amount of active compound present in each draw or session. 


  • Has preset temperatures and precision temperature control.
  • It allows you to adjust the oven capacity.
  • The device is made of superior quality material.
  • It’s convenient to use and maintain.
  • has an ergonomic shape that can sit well with your hand
  • Comes with replaceable batteries.
  • No metal or plastic part touches the herb to ensure quality. 
  • It is quite easy to fill due to its surface and shape of its bottom filling chamber. 


  • The price is a little high. 
  • Take pretty long to heat up.

Customer Experience

All over the internet, you will see customers lauding the DAVINCI IQ2 Vaporizer for the benefits it offers. Many say that the vaporizer got a much-required update. Customers love the fact that it heats up easily and stays cooler for a longer period of time. They say that the vaper path has been enhanced in both the mouthpieces. It came as a surprise to the customers that DaVinci can also outdo themselves and come out with a better and more efficient vaporizer. 

According to the users, it is the best, sleekest, and most intricate conduction product that is available in the market. It has been praised as the best compact pocket-vape on the go, which you can hide easily inside your palms. 

2. Storz & Bickel Crafty+ Vaporizer

Crafty+ by Storz & Bickel is quite similar to its brother. It is easy to use. You just have to press on a single button to power it on. Storz & Bickel has garnered the reputation of producing incredible vaporizers, and the new product has taken its reputation to new heights. Storz & Bickel is the company that designed Volcano Vaporizer, which, even after a decade, is still a premium vaporizer you can buy. Thus, they have a stellar reputation when it comes to developing long-lasting and high-end vaporizers. 

If you are looking for an ideal pocket vape that has,

  • Superior vapor quality
  • Ease of use
  • Hard-hitting clouds

Storz & Bickel Crafty+ is the ideal choice for you. 

Shipping and Return Policy

Storz & Bickel Crafty+ is shipped all across the world. It usually takes 3-5 business days for the order to reach you if you order from the official site. However, you can order the product from other online retailers such as Amazon or Bloomberg. Not all retailers accept orders from all countries. 

If you have to return the product for any reason, you will have to have to inform Storz & Bickel why you want to return through an email, fax, or letter. Also, the goods you are returning need to be unused and sent in its original packing. Make sure that you return the product within 14 days to get a complete refund. 

In case of any problem, you can get in touch with the excellent customer support that Storz & Bickel offers. 


  • The rugged and small design makes sure it easily fits inside your palms. 
  • It measures 4.3″ (h) x 2.2″ (w) x 1.3″ (d) and weighs 135 grams. 
  • The vaporizer uses a patented combination of conduction and convection heating that heats up herb efficiently and evenly. 
  • It can heat up herb to the desired temperature within 60 seconds. 
  • The device comes with an innovative cooling system that can cool down the vapor to an amiable temperature. 
  • Its battery life can last for approximately 60 minutes when used continuously and is not replaceable. 
  • The outer body of the vaporizer is made of plastic, while the inner body is made of stainless steel and aluminum. 
  • The vaporizer comes with official government medical certification and also third-party certification for safety. 
  • The separate air path makes sure the air or vapor doesn’t react with the chemicals that are present in the electronics. 
  • It has 0.3 grams of normal size bowl. 
  • The company offers a 3-year warranty. 


  • It’s a compact and small vaporizer and truly defined pocket-size vape. 
  • The vaporizer produces the hardest-hitting clouds in comparison to the other pocket vapes available. 
  • It doesn’t have drawn-resistance. 
  • The instrument is convenient enough to use and full-proof
  • The vapor quality is amazing and overloaded with flavor. 
  • It allows precise temperature control even with 1-degree increment. 
  • The plastic body keeps the device from getting hot while vaping. 
  • It comes with vibration indicators that inform you when the herb is ready for vaping. 


  • A dull upgrade in comparison to the original CRAFTY design. 
  • Battery life is not that great, even when it’s new. 
  • It doesn’t come with a replaceable battery. 
  • Expensive than the other portables available in the market. 

Customer Experience

Customers are of the opinion that this is an excellent improvement from the last CRAFTY product. They are all praise for the battery. Some have to say that the vapor quality is much better in the newly created vaporizer. Its quick heat-up time has led the product to make a special place in the heart of vapers. Even customers who are vaping for the first time didn’t seem to have any issue learning how to use it.

The vaporizer produces pleasant-tasting vapor, and this shows by Storz & Bickel are well-respected as vaporizer producers. Users find the features to be great, and the app to control makes it even better. Almost all users tend to recommend this vaporizer to the vapers out there. 

3. Arizer ArGo

Arizer ArGo Vaporizer is being called Argo. It is the latest and the 5th release from Arizer, the Canadian manufacturer. The company is popular for offering some of the best vaporizers in the industry. It abides by its motto ‘better by design’. The incredible vaporizer has pocketed a large base of loyal customers. In case you haven’t ever tried vaping with this vaporizer, you are definitely missing out. 

Arizer has taken things to a whole new level with its aromatherapy convection heating system. This attracts a lot of cannabinoids. This results in a healthier and smoother vaping session. 

Shipping and Return Policy

You can order Arizer ArGo from the official site. However, it is also available at other online stores. If you order online, you will be able to enjoy free shipping on orders above $100, excluding the tax within the United States. It provides you with fast and discreet delivery. 

The company strongly believes that you are going to be happy with your new purchase. However, if you ever change of mind, you can place a request for a refund of the unused or new product or parts that you ordered from the official site. You can place a return request within 30 days from the purchase date. 

After receiving the returned product, it confirms the contents before issuing a refund. The refund amount doesn’t include the shipping cost. To know the instructions to return, you have to contact customer support, 

In case you are having trouble with the vaporizer, you can seek assistance for troubleshooting, and Arizer is going to arrange a warranty service for you. 


  • It has an excellent compact vaporizer that has a borosilicate glass mouthpiece. 
  • The vaporizer has precise temperature control that enables you to set the device at a temperature up to 220 degrees Celsius. 
  • The glass aroma dish of Arizer locks up flavorful and pure vapor that you can enjoy from the first to the last draw. 
  • It comes with patented hybrid heating technology that ensures the most efficient and smooth vapor. 
  • The device allows a customized session setting. 
  • It has a mouthpiece shield that pops up into place just with a simple click of a button and will go down when depressed. 
  • Arizer ArGo comes with a vibrant and bright digital display that is just like the other Arizer units. 
  • It’s a low maintenance vape as it doesn’t have an herb chamber that you will have to worry about. 
  • The battery can last for 90 minutes, and this is the average battery life of most of the products available in the market. 
  • It is one of the most portable vaporizers introduced by the company and comes with some big improvements. 
  • The product has straightforward functioning and is quite convenient to use, even for first-timers. 


  • It is as small as a deck of cards and will fit in your hand perfectly. 
  • The vaporizer has a sturdy build and doesn’t have a cheap plastic body like the others. 
  • It has efficient convection and conduction heating technology that heats up the device pretty fast and lets you vaporize just in a minute. 
  • The device has an OLED display where you can check battery life. 
  • It comes with swappable batteries, and if you want, you can get extras to use on the go. 
  • The vaporizer has a stainless-steel oven and a glass stem that is easy to clean. 
  • Having two shells made of anodized aluminum and heat-resistant high-grade plastic, it has a durable build.  
  • It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. 


  • Vape clouds could have been a little denser
  • Like other Arizer products, this too has longer and slower draw. 
  • Glass stem might be damaged if you are not careful while using it. 
  • Arizer ArGo takes 3 hours to be fully charged.

Customer Experience

Arizer ArGo keeps up with the tradition of superior quality. Customers love the fact that the device uses pop-up glass protection. All users seem to agree that it is a great company offering great products. Its convection vaporizer has become the favorite of many. With this, users can now vape anytime and anywhere. It is small enough and will easily fit into your palm. The batteries of the product truly lives up to your expectations. Users mention that once the vaping session starts, they see an enormous amount of vapor. Even with daily use, the users reported that it required very little cleaning. Thus, it can be said that it is one of the best pocket vapes available in the market. 

4. DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer

DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer is the smallest vaporizer that you can get hold of. In the world of dry herb vaporizer, DaVinci has been a strong name for decades now. They have been able to develop their reputation by creating IQ and Ascent portable vaporizers. It has the most advanced vaporizers available in the market. DaVinci makes sure all its products are premium by adding, 

  • Adjustable oven capacity
  • Zirconia glass air path
  • Precision temperature control

It promises to deliver flavorful nirvana from the beginning to the end. DaVinci believes new and innovative creation fuels its competitiveness, and they commit to conquering all barriers to make sure they come up with a revolutionary product. It understands how important it is for vapers to have a hand in their own experience. So, you can be sure that they have exceptional products that will provide you with the best vaping experience. 

Shipping and Return Policy

You can place your order for the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer either from the official site or other online retailers. However, it is necessary to make sure the online store you are choosing is reliable. 

Any order you place before 9 am PST, it is going to be shipped on the same day. If you place your order thereafter, it is going to be shipped the following day. An order with overnight shipping that has been placed on Friday is going to be shipped on Monday. 

When you order from the official site, you can enjoy free shipping on orders above $100 within the United States. The orders qualifying for free shipping are going to be shipped to you in discreet packaging. Usually, it takes 2-4 business days to ship the order. However, international orders might take 1-2 business days to be processed and shipped out. 

In case you are not happy with the product, DaVinci accepts returns. If you have purchased the product from an authorized distributor, the sales are final, and you need to contact their customer service for placing a return. However, if you purchase the product directly from the official site and find it to be faulty at arrival, you can ask for a refund or replacement within 14 days. It accepts only unopened and unused products. If the product is visibly damaged on arrival, talk to customer support immediately. 


  • It is smaller in height and comes with a brushed metal look and herb chamber at the bottom. 
  • It has a small tool that is placed inside the device that enables you to remove the zirconium path that makes it easier to clean. 
  • MIQRO works well with a pretty tight pack to enjoy the best possible vape. 
  • It has a simple interface, and you will only have to click five times for turning it on, and you have to use the arrows for choosing the heat setting. 
  • There are four preset Smart Paths, and it takes only 55 seconds to reach Smart Path 4.   
  • It has a 18350 900 mAh battery that charges up within 45 minutes through external charger and 2 hours through USB. 
  • MIQRO’s precision tuning will make sure you reach your desired temperature. 
  • It is easy to maintain as rubbing with cotton and alcohol cleans the oven and a removable vapor path that can be cleaned with soapy water and alcohol. 
  • MIQRO has two kits, the Standard Bundle and Explorer’s Collection. 
  • The device has an aluminum shell that is tough and beautiful, with a high-quality and durable feel. 
  • MIQRO comes with a 5-year warranty and is covered by the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 


  • It is the smallest and the most compact vape available. 
  • Excellent device for micro-dosing.
  • Ergonomic and durable design. 
  • It produces excellent vapor that doesn’t have a strange flavor. 
  • There are multiple heating modes for your convenience. 
  • It has a replaceable battery. 
  • Precise temperature control allows you to set the desired temperature. 
  • Its quick heat-up system will heat up herb in just 30 seconds. 
  • The device is easy to clean and requires little maintenance. 


  • Battery life is short
  • Not for heavy vapers
  • The whole unit, including the outer body, can get very hot pretty easily. 

Customer Experience

Customers who have used DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer have praised it for its tiny size. It makes sure that the device is discreet. The device is a great conduction vaporizer. The only concern that users seem to have is with the battery as they expected it to last a little longer. Both new, as well as veteran vapers who do not like vaping large clouds or use the device all throughout the day, appear to love MIQRO. 

It is just perfect if you are looking for stealthy and quick hits with quality and flavored vapor. According to the users, you have to pack enough material to get the convection going and enjoy the on-point flavor. Users love the fact that it is easy to clean and maintain. All that you have to do is clean the herb after using it. This way, you won’t gunk upon you. 

5. Pax 3 Vaporizer

Well, Pax 3 Vaporizer is the smartest vaporizer in our list. You might be thinking, what makes it smart? It’s the device’s feedback. It is going to vibrate as soon as it is ready for you. 

Pax Labs is one of the top companies in the online vaping industry. In the last five years, they have turned out to be a legit frontrunner and have revolutionized weed consumption. The brand set its foot in the market in 2007. It was introduced by two graduates of the Stanford Design Program, and they both had one mission in mind, making lighter and smoking weed as joint a thing of the past. 

Since its advent into the market, it has designed a long line of vapes that aren’t just effective but are quite pleasurable and simple. The brand has developed itself into a lifestyle brand. Pax produces innovative and premium vaporizers. 

Shipping and Return Policy

You can order the product from the official site or from an authorized dealer with an online store. The product can also be available at a store near you. If you are ordering from the official site and the address is in Canada or the USA, your order is expected to be shipped within 3-7 days. Based on your location, PAX also offers overnight or 2nd-day shipment options if you are ready to bear an additional cost. 

Note that successful age verification will make sure that the order is shipped on time. 

Once you place the order, you can’t add or remove a product. If you do not want an item on the order list, get in touch with customer support. Make sure that you learn about the product before buying it. PAX only offers return and refund on new and unused devices. Furthermore, you will have to place a return request within 14 days. In case the tamper-proof seal on the package has been broken, you are not going to be eligible for a refund. 


  • The vaporizer is the most portable vaporizer present in the market and measures 1.2 inches wide and 3.87 inches tall. 
  • It is a unit with good battery life taking the diminutive size into account that lasts for an hour and a half when used continuously. 
  • The unit has preset temperature ranges, and the fifth of it can be customized to a temperature between 182 and 215 degrees. 
  • PAX 3 comes with its own app that has a customized temperature option enabling you to set different heating modes like Standard, Boost, and Efficiency. 
  • The device is straightforward to use, and you will only have to get used to the Bluetooth app to enjoy the features. 
  • It has a pre-installed screen, and you are going to get a backup when you buy the product. 
  • The 3500 mAh battery that lasts for approximately 90 minutes. 
  • It can snap into charge simply by sliding over the charger on the device. 
  • The unit has 2 Dry Herb oven lids, half-oven that holds between 0.15 and 0.20gm of herb and full oven lid that can fit about 0.35 grams of herb. 
  • Its kid has a concentrate lid that you can use with the extract.
  • The unit has two mouthpieces, flat and raised where the flat mouthpiece rests at the top of the device that can get warm or dirty at times while the raised one touches silicone mouthpiece. 
  • The lip sensing technology of the vaporizer makes a real-time adjustment to make sure you have an incredible vaping experience. 
  • Its haptic feedback indicates your status simply by vibrating. 


  • PAX 3 is easy to clean as you only have to take care of 3 things, the mouthpiece, oven, and the vapor path tube. 
  • It is a smart, ultra-portable, and stylish vaporizer that works with concentrates, as well as flowers. 
  • The units fit inside your pocket without any hassle. 
  • Its app enables you to control the heating profile, implement security, and update the firmware. 
  • Vapor from this vaporizer is satisfying and smooth. 
  • Better battery life in comparison to PAX 2. 
  • Even without the app, it is quite straightforward to use. 
  • The size of the product makes it discreet. 
  • Heats up quickly and offers high-quality vape. 
  • The package comes with ten years warranty. 


  • Comes at a pretty high price. 
  • Doesn’t work as well as the other concentrate vaporizers available in the market.

Customer Experience

Most of the users are in love with PAX 3 Vaporizer. What makes them so popular in the market is its size. Users state that they are able to carry it discreetly and without anyone noticing. PAX 3 is a quality unit, and users consider it to be the best investment made to improve their vaping experience. Once you use it, you are not going to go looking for joints anymore. 

It is a sleek product that vapers consider to be the greatest creation in the world of vaping. Furthermore, customers love the fact that it can be used for concentrates, as well as dry herbs. In fact, it is the bestselling product in the whole Pax lineup. 

Buying Guide

In this constantly evolving world of vaping technology, you need to make sure that you have chosen the right vaporizer. For that, you need to take your needs into account. 

  • Know the budget you are willing to spend as it will make it easier for you to choose a vaporizer from our list of best dry herb vaporizer. Anything above $200 is an elite vaporizer. 
  • If you are a beginner, you should opt for less complicated vaporizers and make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with the first purchase. 
  • The unit you are choosing should be efficient. Some of the units on our list are more efficient than the others when it comes to providing quality vape and heating up. 
  • If discretion is on your mind, you need to make sure that the device has a design that doesn’t reveal what it is. 
  • The warranty provided by the company also plays an important role in determining the product’s authenticity and durability. 

You can easily buy any of the above-mentioned vaporizers over the internet. However, local vaping shops might also sell them. 

These vaporizers are great for anyone who likes to enjoy flavorful and pure herb vape. However, kids, youngsters below 18 years of age, and pregnant women should stay away from it at all costs. 

Also, if you do not smoke, it is better to stay away from these vaporizers. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Vaporizers

Why are Vaporizers Expensive?

Vaporizers produce vapors, but they also require heating elements, batteries, and LED screens. To make it a safe vaping experience, manufacturers use top-quality materials. Thus, they are made of quartz, ceramic, and glass instead of cheap glue and plastic. The vaporizers can fit inside pocket pretty easily. 

You will hardly get to hear about vape explosions. This is mainly because vaporizers have better circuitry and materials that are meticulously tested. Hence, it can be said that you get what you pay for. 

Discreet vaporizers cost a lot of money, but there are some good units that you can purchase at $50. You can get desktop vaporizers. There are some that produce recreational and medicinal vapor. 

All these features don’t come at a low price. You can take these like home appliances like your refrigerator that costs a lot. The initial investment is going to be pretty high, but it is worth the money as these devices are durable enough. 

How Much Should I Spend on a Vaporizer?

Vaporizers cost somewhere between $15 and $300. If you are a first-time buyer, it can be confusing for you to understand which is the right product for you. However, you should always remember, you get what you pay for. 

You can choose one of the products given on our list. Whatever you choose should provide you with the finest vaping experience. If you have a low budget, go for the ones that cost less than $50, but it is better not to spend anything less than $30. Usually, cheap vaporizers have plastic parts causing it to release toxic chemicals if exposed to high temperatures. 

Is Vaping Weed Going to Smell?

Vaping weed is going to smell. Nevertheless, this is lesser than smoking tobacco. What’s great is the vapor generated will dissipate ten times faster into the air than smoke. When you smoke, the smell is going to linger for days in the end, on the furniture and clothes. The tar, by-product of burning plant materials, is going to stick on fabrics and wooden surfaces. In fact, if it is not removed, the smell is going to linger for years. 

Is Getting High from Vaping Different?

The high you experience from vaping is much different than smoking weed. Vaping cuts down on 95% of the toxins that are present in smoke. So, naturally, you are going to experience a clearer and cleaner effect than smoking. 

As a matter of fact, a recent study has shown that vaporized cannabis tends to be more impactful and is available in a higher concentration of THC in our blood in comparison to smoked cannabis. 

Is Vaping Going to Work for Me?

Vaping is going to work for a majority of the people. However, if you would like to re-create your smoking experience, it is better to give up on it. Vaping is not going to be the same as smoking. There are several irritants, toxins, and carcinogens in the marijuana that you smoke. This will have a ramification on how the joint is going to make you feel. Nonetheless, it is the irritants, toxins, and carcinogens that are the reason your vaping experience is not going to be like smoking. Since these are absent, vaping is described as cleaner and purer. 

Vaping will let you enjoy the benefits cannabinoids offer without inhaling the harmful carcinogens, irritants, and toxins. 

Which is Better Convection or Conduction?

The ovens present in dry herb vaporizers are going to heat the herbs either by convection or conduction. 

Conduction devices will heat by touch. This means the herbs are going to be heated instantly and produce vapor much easily. Nevertheless, it can also be disadvantageous as most of the time than not. The content will not be heated evenly. The herb that is closer to the heating element is going to a vaporizer, leaving behind the contents that are further away. 

Convection, on the other hand, first heats up the air, and these then heat the oven. The primary advantage of convection is it is going to cook the whole content evenly. Its drawback is the process can be a lot slower and consumes a lot of battery. 

Expensive vaporizers will have conduction and convection heating technology. They have the best of both the world. Hence, they are the most sought-after products in the world. 

Which Vaporizers are the Best?

It is necessary to make sure that you have the best vaporizer mode. When it comes to purchasing, you have to make sure it has these three features, 

  • Adjustable heating setting
  • Quality build materials
  • Budget price

Preset heat levels in a vaporizer are also a good option. The best vapes will let you set whatever temperature is suitable for you. Desktop vaporizers are capable of doing so much. Apart from the above-listed features, it has some more. Above all, the vaporizer you are choosing should be easy to use. Sure, there are learning curves. 

Where should I Purchase My Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Even though several online stores offer the same product, you need to choose the right vendor. Make sure that the authorized dealer you are purchasing one is a legitimate one. However, it is better to buy from the official store.

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