Best Divorce Lawyer In Singapore Shares 6 Divorce Facts You Never Knew

Updated on September 22, 2020

There are some facts that the best divorce lawyer in Singapore would love to let you know. 

Short Divorce Proceedings

The first is that the divorce proceedings don’t really last long. In fact, most divorce typically spans over a period of four months. 

Your Kids Suffer Will Suffer Too

Another fact is that your kids will probably suffer the most. No kid will want his or her parents to go on their separate ways permanently. However, they will eventually need to learn how to accept it because that is just the way life goes. Even when it has been decided who gets the custody of the children, there is still the chance that the other parent would still get to see the child every now and then. When that happens, you know the parent would want to do anything in his or her power to visit the kid even if it is a bit awkward. After all, there will be feelings of longing to see your children. You would want to raise that person, nonetheless, things can get a bit complicated after a divorce. 

Divorce Cases Rarely Goes To Court

Also, the reason why the divorce procedure ends after a period of 4 months is because a majority of the cases don’t go to court. They are settled mutually within the couple in a settlement along with both of their lawyers present. The meeting won’t stop until both parties get what they want. In fact, the guy would be willing to give in to the woman’s demands most of the time if they are fairly reasonable.

Your Marriage Needs To Be At Least 3 Years

One fact most people don’t know about divorce proceedings is that the marriage needs to be at least three years old in order for a divorce to happen. If it is less than that, an annulment will happen and not divorce. Singapore is not like Hollywood where married couples can just get a divorce anytime they want when they get sick of their partners. 

Dividing Matrimonial Assets

In addition, when it comes to dividing the assets, it won’t really matter who is at fault for the breakup. In fact, that is most likely the least of your problems. They will take a look at the financial capacity of each individual. For example, if the guy is a big-time businessman and the girl is a waitress then the kids will most likely go to the guy. That is why the girl would certainly not want a divorce in that case where she will lose child custody as that would not be to her advantage. 

Both Parties Will Suffer Equally

The sad truth is that both sides will most likely lose out in a divorce case regardless of what happens in the divorce settlements. Even if both parties did not want to go through with it, there are multiple reasons that triggered the divorce, as a result, it could be the best-case scenario for both parties. After all, you would not want to spend the rest of your life with someone you don’t have feelings for anymore. 

The best divorce lawyer in Singapore would be honest with you when it comes to telling you what you are going to get from the divorce. Thus, you will want to know what is best for you, your spouse, and your children. 

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