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Updated on August 29, 2023

Don’t lie to yourself that scammers are not there. Scammers are there and in plenty. If you are a first-time buyer, you will be ripped off. To get a dream sex doll, you need to know everything not to fall into this trap. 

There are sex doll review websites but most of these reviews are paid. 

2 Rules of Buying a Sex Doll 

To start with, consider a good supplier. Almost all cheap sex dolls websites offer the exact realistic sex dolls. To find a sex doll isn’t your big problem, the issue is to find a good vendor. Nowadays, the sex doll market is a buzzing business but with few trusted sellers. 

Next, when you want to choose the best sex doll, you should not look for the hottest sex doll. Keep in mind dolls have an iron frame and they are heavy. Consider your weight and strength before you choose the cheap sex doll.


Why Most Sex Dolls Reviews are Fake

Most of the sex doll reviews will not help you to buy a good doll. They are after selling a doll. If you look at them keenly, they only refer you to a certain seller perhaps who promises a reward for a referral. Their worries aren’t your satisfaction.

They have no idea of what they are talking about. They are lying to you to make sales. These reviews show what you want to read and what you want to know. The information you want to read is hardly shared. Don’t trust these reviews very much.

Rules to Find a Reliable Sex Doll Seller

  • Don’t buy a cheap doll. Cheap is always expensive. A good sex doll is always expensive. Always keep this in mind. This is free wisdom.
  • Buy your love doll from a Company that is immediately deliverable. This proves the company is in real business. It also shows it inspects the product before they send it to you.
  • Ensure you can contact them via email or phone. If they take ages to respond to your email or text messages, do away with them. 
  • Forget about sites offering 15%-20% discount. This is a very huge discount on a product whose raw materials are expensive. When a vendor is offering such a huge discount, you might think you are saving yet you are buying a counterfeit doll. 
  • This website is selling the same doll at $500 cheaper! How possible is a doll retailing at $2500, be sold with another website at $500 cheaper? This is a rip-off and you are buying a counterfeit product. If the difference would be like $50 it makes sense. 
BestRealDoll Ashaley

Final Thoughts

You need to understand the sex doll market. You need to be able to sample genuine American sexdolls  reviews if you indeed want them to help you. Buying a sex doll is not about browsing the website and placing your order. Do your homework appropriately or else you will end up with regrets. 

Even though the popularity of the sex doll industry is booming, so do scammers. Trade carefully.

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