Best Bridal Jewelry for Beach Wedding

Updated on June 18, 2020

Beach weddings have become popular because they offer a variety of advantages to couples. They can double into destination weddings, vacations for your friends and family and even your honeymoon spots. We are here to help you pick the perfect ​bridal jewelry​ and take the weight off your shoulders. Keep in mind the following aspects as you choose jewelry

  • ?  They should be simple yet classy
  • ?  Try to be as natural as possible
  • ?  Remember a beach wedding is relaxed

Light jewelry

The jewelry matters during a beach wedding whether you have decided to have a sunny wedding of an evening atmosphere at the beach. Other than, your gowns you still have to deal with the sand and other things in nature do not let those shoes weigh you down because you can opt for barefoot jewelry. Heavy jewelry might look glamorous for the photos but will make you look out of place because this is the opportunity to tone down, relax and have as much fun as you like including getting into the water. Inset of wearing a complete set from the earrings to necklaces and bangles you can go for a lightweight gold pendant. People tend to prefer pearls because they are not bright and complement the theme. When shopping for jewelry considers the two aspects, which is the weight and color of the jewelry, you are picking. Go for light hair accessories especially on a sunny day because the weight will slow you down.

Try ocean-inspired Themes to complement the Venue


Oyster jewelry and pendants are the most common ocean-inspired jewelry for beach weddings For uniqueness; you can opt for other types including seashells. You want to make your wedding as memorable as possible that is what you should go for unique jewelry. It is advisable to stay safe and buy ocean-themed factory jewelry if you have never tried the natural ones. A much as a wedding is the time to fulfill all your fantasies and try new things you should only go for those things you are sure about or have worked for others. Experimenting on your big day can blow in your face and leave you regretting for the rest of your life. If you have experience with

all-natural jewelry, then, it is your chance to display your creativity. Hair accessories are also vital, and you can choose to go natural with a flower of fake ones if it is a sunny day.

Remember that less is more when you are dealing with nature

Since nature is decorating for you, including the warm colors of the sky and the ocean or sea, you do not need to overdo. The scenery is already glamorous, and all you need to do is your best to fit into the environment. Go for diamond jewelry rather than the shiny Gold paired with the thin-strapped bangle. Instead of the large dangling earrings, opt for pearl studs or cluster earnings that are tested and proven to go well with the beach theme. Stick with sandals and barefoot accessories and shelf those wedges and stilettos for dinner someday. It would help if you were as comfortable as possible that is why you do not need those shoes that will likely sink in the sand.

Conclusively it is best to go for a minimalist look on your beach wedding day because accessories can make or break you—the type of accessories depending on the time of day and how they feet in your theme. The best advice you will ever get is to try all the jewelry you have in mind way before the wedding to know what fits, what is too heavy and most importantly, what is too much. You can also do diverse research on what has worked for others and what experts say.

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