Benefits Of Using Instant Drug Test Kits for Employers

Updated on December 30, 2021

If you own a company and employ a team of people, then you might need to conduct employee background checks as well as regular drug tests in the office, especially if you have a drug-free policy in place.  There are different types of drug tests available for you to choose from, including instant drug test kits. This drug testing method offers significant benefits over your other options. 

What Are Instant Drug Test Kits?

First, you need to know what instant drug test kits are. If you’re wondering how this apparatus works, the answer lies in the technology they use. The system uses disposable cotton swabs, dipsticks, cups, or test tubes to collect urine or saliva samples. They’re so much cheaper than most laboratory tests and can detect a wide range of drugs and other substances. 

What Are The Benefits for Employers?

Now that you know what instant drug tests kits are, here are just some of the benefits of using instant drug test kits:

Improve Performance and Productivity

The process of testing for drugs instantly can help improve workplace productivity and employee performance. Employees who are using illegal drugs and substances typically suffer from performance problems such as the following: 

  • Carelessness and poor judgement
  • Difficulty in complying with instructions
  • Lack of focus and inconsistent work pace
  • Fatigue
  • Poor work quality and missed deadlines

By determining whether the employee is suffering from drug abuse, you can make better choices for your team. You can also make sure that every single one of your employees is performing their job competently and safely.

Compliance With Government Regulations and Labor Unions

In certain areas, conducting regular random drug tests within the company is one of the regulations set by the government for companies. It’s a mandatory requirement, which means that you need to comply with it as an employer. Instant drug tests are very convenient to administer, so you’ll have no problem with ensuring your company’s compliance. Additionally, you can get the results very quickly. Within hours, you’ll be able to know if your employee passes or fails the drug test. If the test fails, you can have a professional lab re-evaluate the results. 

Safe Workplace Environment

Another reason for using the kits is that they are a great way to deter your employees from using any illegal drugs. When employees know that they can lose their job because of a positive test result, they’ll make sure that they’re drug-free. As a result, this will create a safer workplace environment for you and your employees. 

Employers can also identify potential new hires who are suffering from substance abuse right away, which is a huge benefit for the company because they don’t need to waste time and resources doing background checks on employees. Additionally, if employers suspect that one of their employees is using drugs, they can find out right away and make the necessary disciplinary action or mitigations. 

Reduce Healthcare Cost for Employees

With instant drug test kits, you’ll know instantly if the employee is using drugs even before they get employed in your company. You can use this test when onboarding or doing the pre-clearance checks for your potential employees as well. By knowing at the onset, you can reduce healthcare costs by not making the mistake of employing someone who takes drugs. In addition, you can also detect this with existing employees and prevent it from becoming worse or leading to increased liability for healthcare costs on your end. 

Affordable Test Kits

The health benefits of using these kits for employers include the fact that they’re extremely inexpensive. The majority of them are under twenty dollars, so it won’t cost the company a lot of money. In addition, the employee may feel a sense of empowerment by knowing that their workplace is drug-free, which could only lead to more benefits for the company in the long run. It’s the best way to protect your business from the costs of drug use in the workplace.


Substance abuse and the use of illegal drugs in the workplace should be addressed right away by employers, not just because of the higher risk of accidents and injuries, but also because of their effects on workplace morale and employee productivity. Instant drug testing kits offer a wide range of benefits. Using these kits allows you to improve workplace productivity, comply with government regulations, reduce healthcare costs, and ensure a safe working environment for all your employees. Instant drug testing kits are also very affordable, so you don’t have to worry about allocating too much resources and time to get these implemented.  

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