Benefits of In-House Medication Dispensing

Updated on September 2, 2019

How many times have you disobeyed the doctor’s prescription and haven’t gotten the medicine? We bet that it has happened to all of us, at least once. Sometimes you were just too sick to get to the pharmacy, other times you’ve been in such a rush that you just dropped it. 

Well, even though this is a common practice, you shouldn’t have such a naive approach to it. According to statistics, the failure to follow prescriptions causes 125,000 deaths a year and up to 10 percent of all hospitalizations. This shows that if you fail to follow your treatment regularly, you are risking your health. The many prescriptions that are left unfilled births the need for an in-house medication dispensing. This way instead of going to the pharmacy to get your meds, the medication package will be handed to you by your doctor. One of the perks of this method is that it can start right away. Therefore, acute infection won’t wait for you to get to the pharmacy the next day. Also, your doctor will have a better insight into your condition so they can reply to all of your burning questions about your therapy right away.

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In this article, we’ll list some of the benefits of in-house medication dispensing that you as a patient will enjoy. In most cases, you can save money and adhere to the treatment.

1. An Increase in Revenue

The National Center for Health Statistics states that every doctor sees an average of 25 patients a day and writes 1.4 prescriptions. So, if the doctor actually makes money on the prescriptions they are giving its extra revenue. If the dispensary is in their office, this will increase the income. However in-office medication dispensing isn’t approved in every state. Also, sometimes it’s up to the patients to choose where they are going to buy medications from. Nevertheless, the concept will definitely provide more income for doctors.

In addition, patients will also benefit from this practice because the prescription drugs price is usually very low, that patients can save money by purchasing them from the doctor’s office, instead of from a pharmacy. The doctors can get a percent for what they sell and patients will get their medication at a much lower price than usual.

2. In-House Medication Dispensing Is More Convenient Than Getting to a Pharmacy

Instead of going to the pharmacy, the patients will have their medications just after they leave the doctor’s office, or delivered to their home. This way the patient can consult with the doctor and closely follow the doctor’s directions concerning the treatment. Also, this is a more private way to ask something concerning their condition, in confidential talk with their doctor, instead of other people who are waiting in line at the pharmacy. 

3. The Doctor Is 100% Sure that the Patient Has the Medication

This method of in-office or in-house medication dispensing will ensure the doctor that their patient has the medication. After that, it’s very likely that they’ll follow the treatment if they have the meds, compared to not having them. The doctor can more closely monitor the patient if they have the right information concerning the medicine they actually get compared to the medicine which was prescribed but never purchased. 

4. An Ideal Alternative for Patients with Disability

If you are a person with a disability, getting to the pharmacy can be a whole process that may be impossible, very painful or exhausting. Sometimes people with disability, limited mobility or older patients live alone and don’t have a relative that can get them the medication from the pharmacy. In such and similar cases, in-house medication dispensing is the best alternative for them to get their meds. Having their therapy delivered to their home can mean a lot to these people in order to get the right package of medication regularly.

5. Your Treatment Starts Right Away!

If you are suffering from an infection or a condition that needs medication right away, getting the medicine once you visit your doctor’s office is the best option. This is a great option to start your treatment immediately, instead of putting it off for later during the day or even the next day. Visiting the doctor’s office one day and stopping by the pharmacy the next is a common practice, especially if there isn’t a nearby pharmacy. 

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To sum up, in-house medication dispensing is a practice that is beneficial both for doctors and patients. The doctors can increase the revenue and their income by handing the medicine to their patients when they visit or deliver them to their homes. Patients can also save time and money when it comes to getting their medication. Instead of waiting in line at the pharmacy or getting frustrated because the pharmacy that is close-by doesn’t have a certain medicine, they’ll have a package of their meds delivered to their home. 

This is an ideal way for the patient to immediately start the treatment, and for the doctor to be 100% sure that the patient actually got the needed medicine. Afterward, it’ll be easier for doctors to follow a patient’s condition, if they know whether the patient has been taking the medicine or not. 

The most amazing benefit of in-house medication dispensing is that people with a disability or limited mobility can get their meds package to arrive in the comfort of their home, without having to travel to the closest pharmacy.

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