Benefits Of Becoming A Locum Tenens Physician

Updated on April 3, 2020
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In Latin, the meaning of locum tenens is to substitute for or to hold the place of. Locum tenens physicians are licensed medical practitioners who may fill in for full-time physicians when they temporarily join practices or hospitals that are short-staffed or when they’re absent.

Working as a locum tenens physician allows any professional physicians to experience various facilities in different locations without making a commitment as full-time staff. It also opens doors to opportunities to provide healthcare services to several places. However, it is important to note that state license for locum tenens is required and locum tenens physicians are also bound by strict regulatory bodies like full-time physicians.

There are various reasons why you should choose to be a locum tenens physician. No matter what your reasons are, whether you want to try something new or improve your career as a physician, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

Greater Personal Fulfillment

More often than not, locum tenens physicians have the opportunity to deal with various patient cases and meet new contacts. Through a locum tenens work, physicians can get personal fulfillment in knowing that they’re helping a community that requires quality healthcare. If you are a dedicated physician, considering a locum tenens job will surely give you a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Flexible Schedule

One of the benefits of being a locum tenens physician is a flexible schedule. You can make your own schedule and choose which assignments to take for how long and in what location. It is a perfect option for physicians who have different commitments other than practicing medicine such as exploring some interests, serving medical missions, and caring for their loved ones.

Opportunity to Test-Drive a New Career

The best thing about locum tenens is that it provides physicians a real-life experience where they may try out various assignments, take new opportunities, and make a wiser decision about what they want to pursue with their career. Other than that, working as a locum tenens physician can strengthen your resume and boost your confidence level.

Amazing Financial Benefits

There are various financial benefits that locum tenens physicians tend to enjoy and these include the following:

  • Reduces Overhead Costs – When compared to physicians who have their own clinics, locum tenens physicians don’t need to worry about paying overhead costs. They also do not need to think of putting their money back to support their clinic’s growth.
  • Improves Your Insurance – A lot of locum tenens physicians can acquire a complete malpractice insurance, which covers them even after they’ve completed their assignments.
  • Helps Physicians Meet Their Financial Needs – The extra income you get from working as a locum tenens physician may help you meet your financial obligations like paying your student loan debt. Moreover, becoming a locum tenens physician can help you achieve your financial goals like pursuing new business ventures or financing a home.
  • Great Way to Supplement Your Monthly Income – Even if the pay rates differ by specialty and location, a lot of hospitals are willing to spend more just to bring in the best and most qualified locums. This is why a lot of locum tenens physicians also work part-time aside from their regular jobs. As a matter of fact, you might earn up to 50 percent more in take-home pay with a locum tenens work.

Less Administrative Work

In the medical field, administrative work is actually the least attractive side. Fortunately, for locum tenens physicians, they have more opportunities to practice what they spent years studying without the need to spend more time on paperwork and some administrative tasks. They also have more time with their patients. Since locum tenens physicians work based on their assignment, they can be called back to the same location they’re working in. Usually, an organization or facility that hires locum tenens physicians will consider such matters as scheduling and billing shifts.

Eliminates Burnout

Being a physician is a stressful profession. If you’re feeling exhausted, you’re not alone as most physicians suffer from burnout. Between being on-call during night time and seeing patients during the day, it may seem like you don’t have work-life balance. Luckily, once you work as a locum tenens physician, you can replenish and recoup your energy levels before you start another assignment.

Away From Workplace Politics

Another best benefit of becoming a locum tenens physician is that you don’t have to deal with the politics and bureaucracy at work. Since your schedule is flexible and your work is temporary, you do not need to worry about the decisions made by the administrators that may impact every employee.

You will not be required to attend some policy meetings or give input on a certain issue. Also, your colleagues will not drag you to workplace conflicts since your days are numbered.

Freedom to Travel

If you want to be a physician who wants to travel freely, this is possible with a locum tenens work. Becoming a locum tenens physician provides you unique opportunities to help communities located in diverse places while being able to experience what other countries or states have to offer. So, if you want to travel while working as a physician, consider a locum tenens job.

Broaden Your Horizons

Joining the freelance revolution and becoming a locum tenens physician exposes you to several hospital systems, which can help you broaden your horizons. By adapting to new situations and environments, you’re presented with lots of opportunities that can help expand your career. In addition to that, you also have the freedom to choose from a variety of work, allowing you to take any opportunity whenever or wherever you like.


Being a locum tenens physician isn’t just a rewarding experience for many physicians out there, but it is also fulfilling in a way that you will experience lots of advantages. Some of the benefits of becoming a locum tenens physician are improved financial benefits, freedom, and flexibility. If you want to be one of the physicians who prefer locum tenens work and enjoy those amazing benefits, many healthcare facilities are looking for locum tenens physicians. All you have to do is to find the best one suited for your preferences.

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