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Updated on October 18, 2020
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Water is the most important commodity that we need in our lives. It is said that we cannot even survive a day without it. Water or H2O is used in a lot of activities that we need to do. Aside from drinking, it is also used for cleaning and various household chores. This is why it is important to have a clean source for it.

Unfortunately, the quality of pipes in our area may not be under our control. Based on this article, the source itself might be contaminated with chemicals and other harmful substances. This may not be the case for all places, but it can turn into reality.

There are many ways to have clean water at home. It still depends on what you will use it for. For example, if you are going to use it for drinking and cooking, you may need to have safe and potable H2O. It is also important to have it clean even if it is just for taking a bath and any task related to our body. You cannot just boil it every time which is why you would want to have filters installed in your home. 

It can be quite complicated to choose a filter. After all, there are so many of them available on the market. Also, it will depend on what you need for your home. Below are some of the aspects that you would want to take into consideration when choosing a filter. Visit this site to see the best in the market:

Making the Choice

1. Home Coverage

For one, you need to know which part of the house needs the filter more. You can always choose one that can be beneficial to the entire home. There are some models of water filters that do this by being attached to where it primarily flows. However, this can be quite expensive, so you can also just choose one that can be used on one faucet. You can just buy multiple ones if you are having trouble with the others. 

2. Quality of Water

Another aspect that you need to think about is the quality of H2O in your area. In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency is the governing body for our supply and maintains the quality of the sources. Unfortunately, they cannot oversee each location and some can be afflicted or contaminated. Aside from reporting these contaminations to the authorities, you also would want to safeguard your home from it. Water filters are great but you also need to find the best to ensure quality.

3. Alkaline Converter

One of the great things about most of these filters is some of them can convert it to alkaline. There are so many health benefits in drinking this type of water, and now you can have it straight from your faucets. Alkaline H2O is more basic than the regular one, so it can potentially help those who are having problems with acid in their bodies. There is still some research done to determine its benefits, but it is relatively safe to drink.

4. The Necessity for a Filter

As mentioned before, there is a governing body that regulates the H2O being supplied to houses in the country. Whether you would like to have a water filter will always depend on what you need at the current moment. You can always investigate first and see if the water that is flowing to your house is clean. Sending some samples to laboratories or approaching the EPA can help you in determining this. You can always buy water filters online as well, as long as you read the reviews and other pertinent information about the product.


Before looking for the best filters in the market, you would want to know first if you truly need it. You would not want to spend anything that would just end up being useless. These are great for places where their sources may seem questionable. There are also other places wherein their pipes are already too old so they need something to protect them from this debris. 

Aside from improving the quality of H2O to your home, it also promotes cleanliness for everyone involved. Remember to replace them every time they are already too old for use. Some of the more permanent fixtures might last for years, while others need to be replaced almost every month.

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