Becoming Part of the Providence Point Community

Updated on January 15, 2022

Nine o’clock in the morning calls for a swim in the indoor, heated, saltwater pool, followed by an early, light lunch at the Madison Café with friends from Adams Tower. Later in the week is a cornhole tournament, but that decision can wait.

The same goes for the decision to move to Providence Point. While these activities are typical of any given day for a resident, this can also be on the agenda for those who aren’t quite ready to move but have enrolled in Providence Point’s future residency program, called “Choices.”  Choices is a unique opportunity for people who are interested in learning more about Providence Point before making the move. It can also help you reserve a specific patio home or apartment once you’ve made your selection.

As a Choices member there is an opportunity to get involved and become part of the Providence Point community at your preferred level of interest. Whether moving is an immediate must, or a decision you are planning to make in the future, you can begin to take advantage of the wellness experience and active lifestyle offered at Providence Point.

Each of the three tiers includes access to dining and use of the fitness center, invitations to social and cultural activities, and preferential healthcare services. When you reserve at the Platinum level, you also receive a key fob activated with $50 per person per month, and the Diamond level ups the ante to a $100 fob and a ‘LifeCare Now’ option.

Providence Point recognizes that its discerning seniors want to continue to live life on their terms—and to protect their assets and preserve their independence. Choices lets people do that, and allows the experience of this unique lifestyle to begin before moving in.

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