Back Pain – Why and When is a Common Problem?

Updated on October 25, 2022

“Simple intervention – the time spent with a patient – is a very powerful ingredient of the patient-doctor contract. The evidence is against the traditions such as surgery for back pain being true – the evidence says it doesn’t work.” —Marni Jackson 

Many global researchers and health records reveal that lower back ache is a common health issue in the world that has affected more than 540 million people globally. This makes it at least one in the ten people who suffer from the adverse effects of back ache.

Those who have been suffering from acute back pain know how it affects their lives whereas others may consider it as a random bodily problem triggering people every now and then. When you get into the insights of this health problem, you can get to know that there are different types of back ache including – muscle injury, herniated disc, osteoporosis, vertebral fractures, due to aging, and compressed nerves. 

And if we talk about the different categories or classifications of backache, there are three types including – 

  1. Referred pain 
  2. Axial pain 
  3. Radicular pain 

When is back pain a common problem?

Back ache or pain is a common problem during pregnancy. Most expecting mothers witness the acute phase of back pain due to countless reasons. One of the biggest reasons is the softening of ligaments in the body. During the pregnancy stage, the ligaments stretch extensively to prepare the body for labor. This unusual body change ends up in excessive strain on the back, pelvis, and joints. 

However it’s common to suffer from backaches during pregnancy but if it lasts for more than 2 weeks, try to consult your practitioner immediately and get it treated timely. If not done, it may end up raising complications during the labor.

Some other reasons for back pain are

The problem of back pain develops in one’s body due to injuries, body conditions, internal damage to the organ, wrong body posture, etc. Out of all, some majorly found reasons for back pain are:

Osteoporosis – It is when the vertebrae of the spine start to develop acute fractures making your bones weaker. In some worst cases, it can end up making the bones brittle and porous. 

Ruptured disk – Rare people know that the disks in the human body act as the cushioning form between the bones or vertebrae in the spine. This soft element inside the disk can end up in rupture or a severe press on the nerve giving you acute pain. Practitioners make an individual undergo x-ray procedures to find out the actual placement of this back pain disease. To find out if you are suffering from a ruptured disc, we suggest you start looking for pain management Washington dc and get a professional diagnosis near you.

The last word

Everyone at least once in life goes through the impact of back pain due to countless reasons. Now talking about the common reasons, it ranges from aging factors to internal injuries. Where people tend to consider it as a random health problem, practitioners recommend seeing it as a major issue that may end up into something serious later. If not treated or recovered at the right time, you may require to undergo surgeries or therapies. 

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