Application of micro coils in Cryo Cancer treatment

Updated on July 29, 2020

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The contribution of micro coils in the medical sector is immense and it has made many complex medical operations simple. One such example is cryotherapy. The other names of cryotherapy are cryoablation or cryosurgery. This treatment is for cancer patients where doctors kill cancer infected tissues by freezing them under extreme low temperature. This treatment is an open surgical approach and very useful to heal several forms of cancerous and pre-cancerous situations. 

The role of the medical miniature coil is very important in cryotherapy and in this article, we will discuss it. To know more, keep reading.

Role of heating procedure in cryo cancer treatment:

Manufacturers can make micro coils using materials like tungsten, steel, aluminum, gold, etc. These are known as non-copper coils because they do not pose any type of magnetic induction like copper coils. The non-copper material that manufacturers use in the heating process of cryo cancer is steel. Steel plays a vital role as a heater in this process. The micro-coil in cryo cancer is a metal thread and also called the hitter coil. 

To make heater coils for cryotherapy, manufacturers wind steel tubes around the hitter. After that, gas passes through these tubes and for that reason, it generates a 40mm bubble of a freezing spot under the body. Due to this enormously low temperature, a huge amount of heat transfer occurs from the infected cancerous cells that gradually freezes the cells and melts the cells. In this way, cryotherapy annihilates deadly cancerous cells without affecting other non-cancerous cells. 

Use of medical miniature-coils as a heater in cryotherapy:

In the procedure of cryotherapy, doctors freeze the targeted cancerous cells twice. A daily life example will make it even easier to understand. Suppose we keep a piece of meat in the deep freezer and then defrost it taking it outside. And if we put it back in the freezer again instead of using it, do you know what will happen? The piece of meat will start decaying because when we will freeze it for two times, its tissues will die. 

Doctors apply the same logic in treating cancerous cells in cryo cancer treatment. In this process, following the same above manner, doctors first freeze the cancerous cells and then defrost it. After that, they again freeze the cells. Thus, it kills the targeted cancerous cells. And for this entire process, the function of the heater is very vital. The miniature coil wraps around the tube and receives a certain temperature so that it can defrost the targeted area with its heat. While heating the coils, doctors take out the needle to avoid the chance of any further spread. The last process in cryotherapy is sterilization and it is a very delicate process that requires utmost attention and carefulness. Any small mistake can spread metastases and lead to serious consequences.

Final thought:

The use of micro coils has brought some breakthrough achievement in cancer treatment and cryotherapy is a good example of it.

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