Annual Health Care Futures Symposium


Early Bird Registration Deadline: August 10

13th Annual Health Care Futures Symposium
2014: Planing for the Short Term, 2018: Preparing for the Long Haul
September 6, 2012

Register online here.

Join the PBGH to network, exchange ideas with business and industry leaders and experts and hear about:

  • Going Social: Creating Accessible and Innovative Solutions
    for engaging employees in health and wellness
  • Emerging Collaborations: Employers and Providers Managing Costs and Promoting Personal Responsibility through the use of high quality, lower cost provider organizations
  • Health Care Exchanges: Emerging Private Exchanges, with or without public exchanges, are accommodating the strong and growing demand for employer-based defined contribution approaches to health benefits
  • Telehealth: Viable Care Delivery for employers and employees that is convenient, timely, effective and the right price
  • Full Replacement Consumer-Directed Health Plans:
    The Next Step of Cost Management and Employee Involvement and education in health benefits
  • Health Care Bracketology: Understanding the Likely Election-year Scenarios, the economic uncertainty and the potential impact on the future of health care and benefits; Vote your reform bracket through real time responses, debate the implications and learn from expert commentary.

Thursday, September 6, 2012
7:30 am – 3:30 pm
Pittsburgh Marriott City Center