Alternative Education: The Benefits of Online Learning

Updated on October 18, 2019

As cliche as it may sound, life is full of uncertainties. You can never truly know what tomorrow brings. Sometimes, some incidents that are totally out of control may occur.

Some people refer to these incidents as “black swans.” These are unforeseen events that typically have extreme consequences. These black swans can appear in anyone’s lives and affect anyone, but some individuals may experience it worse than others.

Who may need online learning

Children and adolescents, for example, may have more difficulty coping with the sudden loss of a loved one or caring for an ill or aging parent, or even unwanted pregnancy. This is understandable, considering they lack the experience and livelihood to seamlessly transition from a life of ease to one that is full of responsibilities.

Furthermore, these events may completely derail their lives. Notably, in how it can stunt their development and negatively affect their education.

For example, being given the obligation to care for an ill or aging parent or relative can take up precious hours that children and adolescents will need to put into their study sessions outside of school. Some days off may have to be taken if there are doctors’ appointments to attend.

Teen or adolescent pregnancies are similar in the way that it cannot be resolved right away. After an entire term of nine months, there are 18 years or so to worry about.

These are moments they can never take back. They can lead to missing their classes, which can greatly impact their futures. It should be noted, though, that added responsibilities do not have to create consequences for people so young.

How online learning helps

Considering how much we have progressed as a civilization, a person can choose to continue their studies at home. Thanks to the many advancements we have made, earning a bachelor’s degree online is now possible – and easy at that.

It is not only a practical option but a great alternative, as well. It can provide numerous benefits that regular classes may not be able to provide, one of which is flexibility. Education and other familial responsibilities can be easily handled since online classes typically do not have set schedules.

Online learning brings so much convenience. Materials such as lecture notes and training documents can now be easily gathered. This is because institutions usually keep it in the cloud, which students can easily access anywhere, anytime.

Moreover, having such small class sizes, if any, can allow the students more one-on-one time with their chosen instructor. Despite correspondences being conducted online, via email or video calls, the learning can be more intimate and personalized.

Lastly, online learning can also result in fewer costs for the household. One thing to consider when attending regular schools is the money for commute, which is something you do not have to worry about when you are studying from home.

Taking all these into consideration, a future in education need not be one of the things that “black swans” can affect.

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