All You Need To Know About Hair Transplant In Kolkata

Updated on September 22, 2020

Hair transplantation is the new craze not only for those who have lost their hair to fall prematurely but also for those who want to change their hairline or get an attractive mane. But is hair transplantation secure and effective? Is it a permanent process, or does the treatment lead to unwarranted tissue changes in the body? Here’s what you should know about Hair Transplant In Kolkata:

Our hair is an essential part of our body that gives us a good look. They enhance our personality and also boost our confidence. A single strand on the pillow or some in the comb can give you nightmares. But now you do not have to worry about hair loss anymore as the technology of hair transplants has become much more comfortable and more accessible. 

Doctors now prefer hair transplants for patients who are losing hair and also losing their confidence. Now, no more jokes on the way you look as you will handle your presentations with full confidence and enthusiasm. Book your appointment with the best hair transplant in Kolkata and bid goodbye to all your problems. All your worries are just a call away as the experts will handle your queries and give you the best solutions. 

What is a hair transplant?
Hair Transplant In Kolkata is a surgical procedure that involves removing and planting hairless follicles from anybody’s location, such as the face or legs, on the bald part. The new techniques are irreversible, and they accumulate follicular hair clusters. 

What is strip harvesting?

At strip collection, skin strips with healthy hair growth are planted on balding areas. At the hairless site, extraction hair clusters with their roots are collected manually and produced in the follicular device. The surgeons often practice strip harvesting over these days. It leaves the donor site with a thin scar and guarantees recovery within two weeks.

Follicular unit extraction

FUE can be achieved in single or multiple configurations. It is a process that takes time and manual but gives very natural results and leaves no marks behind. It is not a cost-effective procedure and takes time for both the doctor and the patient. The use of robotics, however, has cut the time in this process and greatly simplified it.

Steps involved in hair transplant in Kolkata

  • In the initial stage of a hair transplant operation, hair follicles are separated from the back of the head and transferred to the balding regions.
  • The hair in the donor region is shaved before the procedure commences.
  • The patient is given anesthesia and after that, the process begins. 
  • The donor area sutures are concealed from the patient’s hair, which is peeled over them. After the hair transplant surgery, these sutures are removed about ten days later.
  • The surgical technicians then use microscopes to view the donor tissue to dissect and prepare hair grafts for the follicular units.
  • If the patient is given local anesthesia, the balding recipient region is prepared for the surgical process. No hair trimming/removal on top of the recipient area is required.
  • The follicular unit Grafts are positioned in the tiny incisions irregularly made in the recipient region.
  • It is also advised that the patient must not expect a head full of flowing dense hair but keep in mind that he will get a decent result.

Hair transplant surgery is more common than ever today. Owing to the massive increase in popularity achieved by the treatment, it’s almost impossible not to hear or read anything about hair transplantation in 2020. But is hair transplant surgery as quick and straightforward as many posts and articles on social media would have you believe? It may be, but the one thing that can’t be ignored is that hair transplantation is simple operations.

It makes sense to do your homework, as with any surgical procedure, so you know your choices, what the side effects might be, and whether you are the right candidate to start with. Typically it is not one of the first things patients think about. They concentrate on what they see on blogs and dream of getting outcomes as good as what they see online. The fact is, there are limits to what surgical hair restoration can achieve, and this is generally due to one factor, supply, and demand. In the sense of surgical hair restoration, the principle of supply and demand is very clear.


This was all you need to know about hair transplant in Kolkata before you make up your mind and hit the clinic for the procedure to start. 

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