All you must know about Erectile Dysfunction

Updated on August 13, 2019

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disability that disables a man for achieving and maintaining an erection throughout sexual intercourse. it affects almost 40% of men of all ages. Many people confuse erectile dysfunction with low sex drive. However, it is not the same. It is one of the most troubling disorder for men. Premature ejaculation, poor libido are different matters; however, sometimes are included as a part of erectile dysfunction.

There are many reasons for a man to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Some of the reasons are psychological and physical in nature. The signs that can indicate erectile dysfunction are:

•   Soft erections that hamper sexual intercourse

•   Erections that don’t last throughout the intercourse

•   Need to stimulate the erection excessively for achieving erections

If a person experiences one of these symptoms, then it is clear that the person has erectile dysfunction.

Men are struck with various sex disorders as they start getting old. The percentage of men being inflicted by sexual disorders after crossing forties has risen from 5% to 20% with time. The age group ranging from 40 to 70 is more at risk than younger men to develop erectile dysfunction. However, younger men can also develop this condition, but the probability is less.

What happens during the ED problems in men?

When a man sexually aroused, a gas is released into the blood. The nitrates and nitric oxide relax and soothe the muscles. So, more blood reaches the phallus to get and maintain an erection. After ejaculation, the blood moves out of the penis and brings it back to the normal state. This whole process depends upon the impulses or reflexes. However, for a man who has erectile dysfunction, the process does not happen as expected. Many blockages hamper the process. As a result, the person deals with erectile dysfunction.

Many reasons can lead to erectile dysfunction. As stress, anxiety, obesity, poor lifestyle, blockages in nerves, etc. however, the good part is that erectile dysfunction is not permanent. Various medications can help treat erectile problems. The right medication, proper medication, and a healthy lifestyle are all you need to kick erectile dysfunction out of your life.

How can I treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Of all the methods required to treat erectile dysfunction, medicinal treatment is the most effective and safest one. The various medications available for erectile dysfunction include:

•   Tadalafil/Cialis

•   Vardenafil/Levitra/Staxyn

•   Sildenafil/Viagra

•   Avanafil/Stendra

All these medicinal options have somewhat the same effect; however, there may be some minor differences. One thing common in all the medicines is that they do not work unless the man is sexually activated. When a man is sexually activated, nitric oxide released into the blood. Tadacip brand is an active component is tadalafil, which is made by trusted manufacturer Cipla. Kamagra 100 is famous in UK as generic Viagra because of the same active ingredient like big brand Viagra(Sildenafil). This gas helps in expanding the arteries and vessels that carry blood to the phallus. When the muscles grow to its fullest, and blood reaches in gushes, the erection becomes hard and sturdy.

However, one important thing to note is that these medications suppress the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. They do not treat the disorder completely.

What do these drugs do?

•   these drugs help in getting and achieving erections

•   the make the erections last

•   They get rid of any blockage that hampers erections

What ED Drugs Cannot Do?

•   these drugs do not increase the sex drive or libido of a person

•   they may not show results for every erectile dysfunction patient

These drugs are not helpful for people who have a low libido. Such patients can seek help from aphrodisiacs.

Moreover, these drugs may not suit every erectile dysfunction patient. People experiencing prostate problems or diabetes may not be much satisfied with these drugs. However, it is important to consult the doctor before taking in these medications. The doctor will give a treatment based on the specific condition of a person. Prefer trust online pharmacy as per resources Generic Villa Provides reasonable rate generic Viagra and generic Cialis.

What are the side effects of Erectile dysfunction?

The drugs have many side effects linked with them. These include:

•   Nosebleed

•   Headache

•   Flushing

•   Sleeplessness

•   Indigestion

•   Dizziness

•   Bloody and cloudy urine

•   Visual disturbances

•     Diarrhea

•   extreme tearing of the eye

•   Painful urination

•   Nasal congestion

•   Deafness

•   Palpitations

•   Prolonged and painful erection

•   Sensitivity to light

•   Burning Sensations

•   Ringing or buzzing in the ears

•   Nausea

•   tingling in the arms and feet

•   Numbness


Some of the warnings for various cases are:

•   Pregnancy

Pregnant women are expected to stay away from these medications. the drug can cause different side effects that can harm the baby as well as the mother. However, some of the Ed drugs can also be used for pulmonary arterial disorder. So, women suffering from hypotension can also use the medication. However, these medications should be used only as per doctor’s advice.

•   Breast-feeding

These medications do not suit breastfeeding mother; however, in case of extreme need, a drug can be put to use only after doctor’s suggestion.


These medications come with many interactions like all the other drug. Some of the common interactions have been given below.

Interaction with Alcohol

For Erectile mediation users, the quantity should be kept as minimal as possible. These medications and alcohol do not go hand in hand. It can aggravate the symptoms. Moreover, it can cause side effects like dizziness, flushing, headache, nausea, fainting, change in heart rate, etc.

Interaction with Medicine

Some of the medicinal interactions are:

•   Clarithromycin

•   Amlodipine

•   Imatinib Mesylate

•   Nitroglycerin

•   ACE inhibitors

•   Terazosin

•   Atenolol

•   Tamsulosin

•   Ketoconazole

•   Dexamethasone

•   Isoniazid

•   Warfarin

•   Carbamazepine

•   Atazanavir

Disease interactions

•   Cardiovascular disease

These medications may interact with the medicines used by heart patients. As such drugs also have nitrates present in them. So, it can cause fainting and dizziness. Moreover, such patients should keep sexual activity as minimal as possible, as it affects health.

•   Kidney Disease

Many erectile dysfunction medications do not suit patients with kidney disorders.

•   The disease of the retina

People suffering from eye disorders are advised to stay away from these medications. It can worsen the side effects of the patients suffering from eye disorders, especially in the case of iris discoloration. Many people even experience eye various eye disorders.

•   Food interactions

Grapefruit and grapefruit juice can interact with ED medications. So, it is advisable to not take the medication along with it. Also, people should stay away from fatty foods. As they decrease the effectiveness of these drugs.

•       Lab interactions

There is a long list of medications that interact with ED medications. So, you can refer to your doctor for more information.

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