All the general information you need to know about CNA career basics

Updated on April 26, 2019

The career of a certified nursing assistant is fulfilling, and there are a lot of advancement opportunities as well. But if you are looking to take up this profession as your career, you must remember to work hard and prepare the right way. You will work long hours but the satisfaction at the end of the day is high as well since you will help a lot of people across various demographics.

The following article is a guide on everything you need to know about CNA as a career option and how to be one. The very first step is to sign up with CNA training Institute to advance your chances and prospects. For more information, all you need to do is read on.

The basics of CNA as a career

As the CAN you will remain at the frontline of patient care and responsibilities. Daily needs including bathing, monitoring of the patient condition and vital signs as well as dietary restriction are all part of your job. You will deal with the non-invasive part of the job so all those queasy about needles can rest assured. You are responsible for providing dignity and respect to an individual while he/she receives the necessary medical aid and care. 

The steps for becoming a CNA

A state-approved program

The State approved and accredited CNA training programs are variable, and aspiring CNAs should check with the local regulations in place. The first place to look is, therefore, the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing or the ACEN. CNA training programs can last for up to 16 weeks; however, there are ones where you can finish up the course in a month as well. Look for the American Red Cross, community colleges and the local health care providers for an accredited program. Keep in mind that you will need to work for a set period of time at a health care facility once you finish your course to attain the certification.

The State examination

The second step is clearing the State-specific examination for the CNA trainees. Once you have cleared the exam, you can await further instruction and your certificate of merit. Usually, the examination is taken after completing the course. While you are preparing for your examination, you can start working at a medical institution to gain the necessary experience for the licensure. You will also need to pass a background check and continue with newer educational credits every year. 

Post examination

Once you have cleared your examination, you can start working as a certified assistant nurse under the supervision of a licensed nurse at any medical care facility. However, it is illegal for you to practice as an independent caregiver. CNAs are found in every healthcare facility, so make sure you apply at more than one institution.

You are also required to continue with educational credits every year for the rapid advancement of career opportunities. A variety of educational institutions and health care facilities provide these additional accreditations and training courses. So check in with the State governing board for the requirements and regulations.

We hope this article helps all you are aspiring CNAs to prepare better and as always all the best!

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