All that you wanted to know about invisible teeth aligners

Updated on July 18, 2020

Crooked teeth might sometimes seem unsightly and cause embarrassment for many people, which is why they take to teeth straightening, which is an orthodontic process for correcting crooked teeth. Since teeth are a major component of facial aesthetics and contribute to your overall looks and a great smile, the faulty of crooked teeth is not acceptable for many people. Teeth can either come crooked or become crooked, but if your baby has crooked teeth, there is no reason to worry because the permanent teeth might not be crooked. However, genetics and heredity play a part, and if your parents have crooked or crowded teeth, you might also get the same.  

To correct crooked teeth or maintain good teeth alignment, you must consult an orthodontic surgeon who will recommend the use of aligners or invisible braces that can gradually shift teeth into its ideal position and make it straight. 

What are aligners?

Now that aligners like Invisalign Las Vegas are available, you choose to stay free from the inconvenience of wearing braces with brackets and wires while taking measures in teeth straightening. Aligners consist of series lightweight plastic mouthpieces customized for patients that slip over the teeth. Patients must wear a series of aligners for 2 weeks at a time so that the teeth gradually move until it attains the right alignment.  Each aligner moves the teeth by 0.3 mm, and the extent of straightening determines the time it takes for the process to complete.  Aligners are transparent that makes it almost invisible and hence more attractive than braces because people will not stare at you as they would have you worn braces. You can wear aligners confidently without affecting your self-esteem.

Aligners vs. braces

Besides the looks, aligners are different from braces in the way it works. Braces apply a centripetal or pull force that gradually shifts teeth in place, but aligners use centrifugal or push force to achieve the same movement by rotating your teeth. The aligners trigger a very mild rotational movement of teeth, especially in adults without any pain and gum bleeding. The orthodontist will examine your teeth to ascertain the steps required in teeth straightening and the number of aligners needed to ensure the safest teeth improvement procedure that acts gently and hardly let you feel that you are wearing aligners.

For constant wear

Aligners require the least maintenance, and you can remove these during eating, brushing, or flossing.  For successful treatment, doctors advise wearing aligners 22 hours a day, which is not difficult due to the extremely comfortable fit that perfectly aligns with the tongue and cheeks that no other forms of straightening can.

Fourteen days is the maximum time of usage for a set of aligners that would then require replacement. The orthodontist will recommend several sets of aligners to continue with the treatment if it lasts for more than a fortnight. Since each aligner exerts continuous pressure on specific teeth, the process of straightening often takes much less time and less discomfort while you can lead a healthy life.

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