AHN Neuroscience Institute Celebrates 1,000 Synaptive™ Robotic System-Assisted Spinal and Cranial Surgeries at AGH

Updated on July 12, 2022

The Allegheny Health Network (AHN) Neuroscience Institute recently celebrated its 1,000th Synaptive™ Modus V™ robotic system-assisted spinal and cranial surgery performed at AHN’s Allegheny General Hospital. Neurosurgeons at AHN became the first in western Pennsylvania to use Synaptive™robotic imaging technology in January 2018.

“We are thrilled with Allegheny Health Network’s commitment to see a better way of visualizing anatomy to enable more informed surgical decision making”, said Synaptive’s founder and President Cameron Piron. They have been an exceptional partner in driving us to continue to broaden the clinical applications for our surgical technologies. We look forward to continuing to evolve the platform with our dedicated clinical partners like AGH”

“Performing over 1,000 surgeries with the assistance of the Synaptive™ system is truly a milestone worth celebrating, not only for the Neuroscience Institute, but the entire western Pennsylvania region,” said Donald Whiting, MD, neurosurgeon and Chair of the AHN Neuroscience Institute. “This transformative technology for cranial and spinal procedures has enabled our surgeons to provide the most innovative care to our patients, offering better clinical outcomes and overall quality of life.”

Derived from a robotic arm previously used on the International Space Station to repair satellites, position astronauts and move cargo, Synaptive’s Modus V surgical robotic arm with a high-powered digital microscope provides the most advanced surgical optics available on the market today. The extraordinary views of patient anatomy enable surgeons to perform less invasive procedures with unprecedented precision in ergonomically beneficial positions.

The robotic arm is used in conjunction with Synaptive’s BrightMatter™ Guide neuro-navigation system, which transforms imaging and surgical planning prior to surgery, and ensures surgical accuracy intraoperatively with real-time presentation of patient data and tracking of instruments.

AHN’s Neuroscience Institute is a leading referral center for its advanced treatment of brain and spine conditions, including minimally invasive endoscopic and skull-based procedures. AHN neurosurgeons, including Richard Williamson, MD, Alexander Yu, MD and Jody Leonardo, MD were some of the first in the world to use the Modus V technology.

“Along with my colleagues, I’ve been using this remarkable technology exclusively for the past four years, and our patients undergoing cranial and spinal surgery do better in every possible way,” said Dr. Williamson. “Their recovery time is faster, with less post-operative pain and fewer complications.”

“Our relationship with Synaptive has helped AHN further build upon our legacy of innovation in robot-assisted surgery, and we look forward to continuing our pioneering work in this field as this leading-edge technology further evolves,” said Dr. Whiting. “Robot-assisted technology undoubtedly gives our surgeons an edge in the operating room, but the impact it has on our patients is most meaningful.”

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