Advantages Of Using Augmented Reality In Medicine

Updated on July 9, 2019

The technology of AR has been bubbling under the surface of the medicinal industry, even a few years back, but now experts have finally managed to harness the power of AR. Not only AR but VR have also shown tremendous potential, from assisting trainee doctors in critical surgeries to helping patients suffering from anxiety. 

So Augmented Reality can not only help you in buying an Omega Speedmaster 57, but it is equally versatile in helping doctors and patients in the health care industry. 

The AR technology in the world of pharma is still in the nascent stage, but it has already gifted the field of medicine with innumerable advantages.

  • Assisting the physicians

Thanks to the wonders of AR because now the physicians and trainee will have access to educational information without having to detach themselves from their critical chores. With this, practitioners can finally learn how to apply a new treatment or how to the correct way to accomplish a procedure, all in AR. For example, now trainees can avail to a 3D representation of the human body for learning and interaction, eventually enhancing their knowledge trove. 

  • Educating the consumers

Visual stimulation is one of the successful strategies to acquire the attention of consumers, and it can be seen across all industries. While the healthcare industry has also been using visual stimulation for quite a long time, AR has taken it a few notches higher with its associated benefits. In a nutshell, AR allows the pharma companies to aim patient education by featuring visualization of complex medical products. This way, the companies would be providing a room for the patients to engage, irrespective of their ages. 

In medicine, safety issues are something which in spite of highly crucial gets overlooked, due to lack of information. But AR bridges this gap of safety issues by educating the patients the correct way to administer a drug and the right dosage for them. Now imagine if all these are being shown visually instead of just manual instructions, would not they remember it clearly? 

  • Boosting the sales

No matter which industry we are talking about, if the sales don’t look great, it is a sign that the industry is not doing well. In other words, when companies can now see the market concepts clearly beforehand, they would do the needful to increase sales. If you are a drug maker or let’s say a provider, you would immediately know the level of competitiveness in the industry. So even if you can manage to turn over small successes, you would be enjoying big gains in no time. 

For an instance, if you were a doctor would you prefer to partner with a sales representative demonstrating the benefits of a particular drug through 3D images or another one trying to do the same with flat boring images? 

The answer is simple, and so will be lives of the medical practitioners and the professionals of the medical industry, in case they manage to harness the power of the latest technological trend, which is augmented reality or AR. 

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