Advantages of Medical Tourism – Gastric Bypass in Turkey

Updated on April 30, 2021

Nowadays, many people planning to undergo a weight loss surgery, such as gastric bypass, leap at the chance to combine the surgery with something pleasant, for example, a short vacation in a beautiful, oriental place they have never visited before. Gastric bypass in Turkey is definitely a great option for anyone who is keen on sightseeing and exploring other advantages of medical tourism. 

Turkey is well known for its beautiful nature, landscapes, rich history, culture as well as luxurious resorts and affordable prices. In the recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people choosing this country not only as their travel destination but also as a suitable place to safely undergo an affordable weight loss or dental surgery. Bariatric surgeries in Turkey have become the most popular type of medical procedures chosen by patients from Western Europe, mostly because their price is even four times lower than the prices for the same procedures in the UK or the USA. 

What makes gastric bypass surgery so effective?

Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most popular and highly effective bariatric surgeries which combines both restrictive and malabsorptive aspects. There are various types of gastric bypass surgeries but the best known is the so-called Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. It is less invasive than, for example, gastric sleeve procedure and it guarantees great weight loss effects. Recently, this procedure is more often performed using a laparoscopic method, which is less invasive than a traditional open surgery. During the surgery, surgeons bypass the stomach and the small intestine. A couple of small incisions in the abdomen are made to get to the upper part of the stomach that needs to be stapled. Surgeons reduce the size of the patient’s stomach by creating a small pouch, which can store only a tiny amount of food. The remaining part of the stomach pouch is not removed, unlike in the case of gastric sleeve procedure. Then, they reshape a part of the small intestine to resemble a “Y” shape and attach it to the created pouch. In this way, less calories can be absorbed from the food during the digestion processes. If patients decide to eat more than recommended by the doctor, they will feel sick and nauseous.

Post op recommendations

The above mentioned restrictive and malabsorptive factors of gastric bypass surgery contribute to fast weight loss effects. It has been observed that patients usually lose 50% or more of the excess weight within the first 18 months after the procedure. Of course, the most important factor in the process of losing weight is the motivation and engagement of the patient. Weight loss results as well as preventing from any undesired postoperative complications depend highly on keeping the post op diet and all the doctor’s and dietitian’s recommendations. 

The first and most important habit patients need to learn is to eat small meals and chew slowly every bite of food. It is also crucial to maintain thirty minutes intervals between eating and drinking. In this way, the stomach pouch is prevented from stretching and the nutritional deficiencies are less likely to occur. 

How to plan gastric bypass surgery in Turkey?

It is very easy for anyone thinking about undergoing gastric bypass in Turkey to find all the information about the procedure online as the majority of Turkish clinics have English websites. It is also a good idea to contact medical agencies in Turkey and abroad. English speaking consultants will provide answers to all questions about pre operation medical consultations and the surgery, the cost of the travel and accommodation as well as other necessary details, such as the most suitable flight connections and the tourist attractions available nearby. 

The choice of interesting locations patients can visit in Turkey is very wide, but they should always prioritise their safety and comfort during that time. The most recommended option is to choose a clinic in one of the most interesting Turkish cities such as Istanbul, the cultural heart of the country or Antalya, with its luxurious holiday resorts. Thanks to medical tourism, taking care of our health can be combined with pleasure of discovering new fascinating places.

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