Advantages of Educational Kids Videos in Early Learning

Updated on March 16, 2019

Each child learns things in different ways. At one time, it was purely from the mouth of the teachers, and then came educational books which document knowledge. Complex principles were taught in the form of example stories and songs etc. for easy understanding of the toddlers. However, now one of the ways through which students can learn quickly and effectively is by watching videos. With the surface of visual media channels, computer, and internet, there are plenty of educational and informative videos shared with kids of all ages to explore more information and knowledge in a simplified, but real-time manner.

Researches have also shown that the children are learning more easily and quickly through videos. Compared to other modes of teaching, it is found that carefully prepared videos can hold the attention of toddlers also for extended periods. There are many websites on the internet now offering educational resources for teachers and parents in video formats for the kids to understand various concepts related to languages, science, history, and math, etc. Some of the scientifically proven benefits of kids learning videos are as below:

Garner better Interest

If you noticed a kid watching a cartoon movie or other video media, you could see they get mesmerized with the action on screen. So, in the same way, it is possible to use videos to supplement their learning. A good kids video can garner interest in kids who are naturally curious to know what next in the motion sequence.

Know how things work

In the field of science, rather than learning how things work from the books, children can actually see things in action through well-made videos to experience it. Many of the functional experiments cannot be performed at school or house, but on opening channels like YouTube, you will get live, or custom-made videos of almost anything in the world there.

Learn from the experts

Students who listen to their teachers and parents the whole day tend to get bored very soon and lose their attention. This may make traditional one-on-one learning a bit ineffective over time, so the teachers and parents now use many more interactive methods to teach modern day students. 

While watching videos, they are learning things from someone they are not used to, but from experts who presents things in a much more expert way. So, changing things up from the routine way will help the students to be more interested and not to miss out anything important.

The online videos for kids nowadays are carefully prepared to effectively supplement kids’ education and learning, both at the classroom as well as at home. You can use these videos to garner a better Interest in subjects by showing what happens during real-time situations. For today’s busy working parents with certain constraints in terms of time to dedicate for kids’ studies, educational videos offer them the best opportunity to support the kids with what they want the most.

However, one should be very careful also while choosing videos to be shown to kids as with a huge volume of such stuff available online; there can be substandard videos too which may create an adverse impact on kids.

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