Advancements in the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Updated on January 23, 2020

The issue of erectile dysfunction is one that seems to be becoming increasingly prevalent. This is partly because, overall, the world’s population is aging, and getting fatter. Age, obesity and alcohol abuse all play a role in making it more likely that a man will suffer from erectile dysfunction. So, it is not surprising that ED rates appear to be rising, in many parts of the world.

Every year, more of these men are deciding to visit an erectile dysfunction clinic. There is a growing understanding that this condition is treatable. It is no longer necessary for men to suffer in silence. Advances in understanding are leading to the development of new and far more effective treatments.

More effective management of underlying health conditions

Diabetes, clogged arteries, low testosterone, and several other medical conditions can all heighten a man’s risk of developing erectile dysfunction. So, the fact that all of these conditions can now be better managed is helping many to avoid developing erectile dysfunction that cannot be reversed.

Early diagnosis of conditions like diabetes is proving to be especially beneficial. The sooner someone learns how to manage their blood sugar the better. If left uncontrolled, high blood sugar levels can easily lead to nerve damage. In particular, to the extremities, which includes the penis. This damage can, over time, build up and lead to an inability to get or maintain an erection. Given the fact that between 35% and 75% of men with diabetes are affected by ED, early diagnosis and effective management of the condition is vital.

A better understanding of how drugs affect erectile function

The medical profession is also becoming more aware of how certain drugs impact the condition. This is leading many doctors to choose options that are less likely to have a negative impact on a man’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

Pulsed acoustic waves treatment

GAINSWave™ treatment is also becoming more widely available and gaining in popularity. This method uses therapeutic ultrasound waves to stimulate angiogenesis, which helps to form new blood vessels. The net result is that more blood can reach the penis, which makes it far easier for it to stay erect. 

Importantly, this treatment is suitable for those with diabetes or cardiovascular problems. Both these health conditions make it more likely that a man will suffer from erectile dysfunction. So, the fact that there is an ED treatment regime available to help them is a big advance.


Penile injections have proved to be a very effective way to treat erectile dysfunction, in particular, the Priapus Shot®. This treatment harnesses the power of the platelet-rich plasma that flows through everyone´s veins. 

A sample of the patient´s blood is taken and put through a centrifugal process that isolates and concentrates the growth factors. The resulting shot is then injected into certain areas of the penis, which promotes blood flow and retention. In many men, this has the added beneficial side effect of increasing the overall size of the penis. 

Effective treatment of Peyronie´s disease

Both of the last two treatments are very effective ways to treat Peyronie´s disease. A condition that causes the penis to warp, which makes it very difficult to have sex without experiencing pain. Prior to their development, 9% of men who were affected by this debilitating condition were left without an effective treatment option.

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