Advanced Chiropractic Equipment – a Key to Successful Chiropractic Treatment

Updated on March 1, 2020

Now all sorts of spinal cord related neck and back issues can be treated with Chiropractic treatments. Your Chiropractor can get you relief from these painful and restrictive symptoms without any severe medical or surgical treatment.

What is Chiropractic Equipment Used for?

Chiropractic equipment is now used for treating many muscular or skeletal spinal cord, neck, and back related issues. So if you’ve been suffering from any of these symptoms and don’t want to go for any severe medical or surgical treatment, you must consult a Chiropractor doctor.  They are experienced doctors and licensed practitioners, having complete knowledge and training for using Chiropractic equipment. They can actually readjust your spinal cord for relieving your pain or any other spinal cord related symptoms. Chiropractors have been successfully treating the following symptoms using Advanced Chiropractic Equipment:

  • back pain
  • Herniated disc
  • Subluxation
  • Migraine 
  • neck pain
  • Sciatica
  • Neck or back-related car accident or sports injuries

Advanced Chiropractic Equipment

Advanced Chiropractic Equipment is now available with many adjustment options and features for helping a Chiropractor in the treatment process. Without such advanced features and equipment, manual adjustment of the spinal cord for treating neck and back related symptoms was nearly impossible. These revolutionary equipment are necessary for helping patients recover quickly without using any medicine or going through a surgical treatment. 

The Chiropractic equipment includes the following:

  • Electrotherapy machines
  • Orthopedics equipment
  • tapes
  • Bandages
  • paper products
  • Analgesics
  • hot and cold packs
  • Chiropractic tables

The most important of this Chiropractic equipment is the Chiropractic tables.

Chiropractic Tables

Chiropractors need comfortable and practically designed tables and benches for giving chiropractic treatment to their patients.

1. Stationary Chiropractic Tables & Benches with Drop Adjustments

Most of the advanced Chiropractic tables come with different sorts of drop adjustments, like a head drop, chest drop or pelvis drop. Another useful feature of these tables is a headpiece tilting option.

2. Hi-Lo or Hylo Chiropractic Tables

These chiropractic tables come with advanced height adjustment features along with some other necessary advanced features of a chiropractic table. They have electrical table height selection options. Some of these even have programmable flexion and drop features which work automatically as the Chiropractor has programmed it according to the specific treatment or patient’s requirement. 

3. Elevation Adjustment Chiropractic Tables

These Chiropractic tables have been designed keeping all the requirements of chiropractic treatment. The adjustability feature not just includes table elevation, but also each and every section of the table supporting the patient’s body can be adjusted keeping in view the patient’s comfort and therapeutic requirements. So the patient receiving Chiropractic treatment always feels comfortable and the Chiropractor can also proceed with the treatment with complete ease.

4. Decompression & Traction Chiropractic Tables

These tables are fully equipped with all the advanced equipment required for giving a successful chiropractic treatment. The Decompression and Traction equipment that is pre installed with these Chiropractic tables includes decompression machines, Traction equipment and much more.

5. Flexion Chiropractic Tables

These are motorized Flexion tables with multiple adjustments and setting options for facilitating Chiropractors. They Flexion tables come with one touch control option for flexion of different areas like for neck, back, cervical or ankles.  

6. Portable Chiropractic Tables & Benches

Keeping in view all sorts of Chiropractors’ requirements, some of the advanced Chiropractic tables are designed for easy portability. These are lightweight tables and benches with foldable legs, but provide complete comfort and ease to Chiropractors and patients during the Chiropractic treatment. Despite being light and easy to carry, these portable Chiropractic tables are no less than others in the advanced facilitation and equipment features. 

7. Tilt Chiropractic Tables

Sometimes during Chiropractic treatment, the Chiropractors find it easy to give the treatment on the tilt tables. These tables can be tilted at different angles maintaining the patient’s comfort.  These tables are electrically operated for titling just like the Hylo tables which are electrically operable for adjusting the height. Some of the tilt Chiropractic tables also have the Hi-Lo function as well. Safety belts are attached to these title tables for ensuring a patient’s comfort and safety during the treatment.

Chiropractor care for the comfort and ease of their patients while giving them a Chiropractic treatment and the Advanced Chiropractic Equipment is also designed to facilitate that.

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