Accredited On Demand Labs for ELISA Assays

Updated on July 18, 2022

Is your study in need of new research, or seeking to expand an ongoing study? If you’re in need of laboratory space for your research and testing, for a brief period, or for an extensive study, you won’t just be looking for a building that’s the right size. What you’re going to need is a facility equipped and staffed to meet the needs of your study and timeframe. Luckily there are solutions that are easier to access than you’d expect. 

Control on behalf of quality and consistency

For research on biological assays, methods by which one can detect the presence of various substances in cells, carefully controlled environments are important. If you don’t have a consistent environment status the results of your research can be affected. This is why it’s important to be confident in the quality and control of the lab you set up your study in. Controlled temperatures, lighting, humidity, and air quality, these are each incredibly important aspects that should be in mind when considering a study site.

Among what is considered gold standard of labeled immunoassay, there is one called ELISA, an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. There’s a more detailed breakdown on this site about ELISA. Offering a scope wide enough to quantify any detected things such as antibodies, antigens, hormones, or proteins. These are incredible looks at the presence and localization of various biological activity or substances, but for the most accurate results, it’s imperative to keep the environment exactly as you need it. This is why you should consider a high-quality, professionally staffed vivarium. 

Vivarium is another term for an animal research facility. Using one to house the animals used in your study can save you both time and money, and precious time, by managing the basic necessities that accompany using live subjects. Choosing to utilize a vivarium service can save you plenty in costs compared to renting a location that you may then have to make changes to for it to function with the purpose you have for it, rather than choosing a location, requesting equipment, and recruiting experienced researchers and getting started right away. 

Offering more than just space and location

Time is money and data, and wasting any of these resources can be an enormous detriment to future projects, having an all-encompassing site is a streamlined method by far. Accredited by the AAALAC for the quality in which their animal subjects are kept, vivarium labs offer you the best option for a consistent work environment. 

Using an established network of various research locations, these vivariums are available with staff and equipment options in numerous research hubs. Finding valuable research staff is another brilliant facet of using a service like this, offering a pool of staff you can recruit, and even retain on your team, for urgent studies. By giving you a secure facility to use that is focused solely on offering every possible amenity, these labs can ease collaborative efforts by keeping everything internal, organized, and localized. This can cut back on time wasted that could be better used for more productive tasks, all under one roof with any necessary equipment on hand. 

Not only are you and your staff offered amenities at your disposal, but the animals that are part of your research will also be given great care. Offering veterinary care focus on the care and upkeep of the animals, and the specialized staff in charge of caring for them are highly trained to be able to operate within OLAW guidelines. Utilizing low cycling and avoiding overcrowding rooms, the risk of any pathogens being introduced is reduced in your vivarium as well. 

For more information about OLAW guidelines and restrictions, visit their site: 

Respected reputation from coveted accreditation

When you’re working with a company that is committed to excellence and is accredited for its efforts, you can offer a sense of confidence to those looking to your study for answers without unnecessary cruelty. Receiving acknowledgment from the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care, or the AAALAC, the public can be assured you’re going to every length to be conscious of the quality of life your live test subjects will have. They are an international accreditation program, evaluating an organization’s use of an animal. Be it teaching, researching, or testing the animals, there are guidelines and regulations in place to ensure a standard of treatment and care. 

AAALAC Accreditation shows the public a certain level of accountability from the parties involved in whatever research or study is taking place, this is because the requirements in place for these accreditations are stricter than even those required by the law. With a reputation associated with such high standards, you can gain added support for your study by showing what your priorities are. 

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