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Hospital News reaches more than 40,000 health care professionals monthly including:

  • Health Care Executives (CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, Administrators, Practice Administrators/Managers)
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Hospital department heads of all key areas, including Human Resources, Marketing, Materials Management, Information Systems Management, Nursing and Multi-Hospital Systems Executives, Insurance Providers
  • Home Care and Nursing Home Administrators
  • Social Workers
  • Discharge Planners
  • Staffing Companies
  • Business executives of health-focused companies
  • The region’s top business and political leaders
  • Professionals in the corporate community, including Corporate Executives, Corporate Human Resource Department Heads, and Employee Benefit Managers

5,200+ Social Media Connections, 7,500+ Email Subscribers

In addition to the 40,000+ subscribers who receive the publication monthly, we have an expansive social media network that you can tap into. Consider these statistics:

  • 19,696 Facebook post views from Feb. 10-March 9 (the number of times people–followers and non-followers–have viewed a News Feed story posted by our page).
  • 1,200+ LinkedIn contacts connected to our publisher, Harvey Kart.
  • 1,000+ contacts between our official Facebook Page and our Twitter account.
  • Additionally, between our director of marketing and assistant to the publisher, we have 1,100+ followers on Twitter; 1,000+ LinkedIn connections; and 900+ followers on Facebook.
  • Collectively, that is about 5,200 social media connections who are receiving messages or seeing posts from Western Pennsylvania Hospital News.
  • Finally, we have 7,500 email subscribers who look forward to our original monthly content.

2011 Editorial Calendar

Throughout the year, Western Pennsylvania Hospital News features fresh, in-depth, and relevant information for our audience of 40,000+ healthcare leaders and professionals.

Although “Hospital News,” is in our name, we cover and cherish our relationship with the entire health care industry including administrators, nurses, physicians, physical therapists, pharmacists, and more. We cover a broad spectrum from hospitals to medical offices to outpatient services to eye surgery centers to university settings. We focus on rehabilitation, nursing homes, home care, hospice as well as men’s health, women’s heath, and pediatrics. If your business crosses into any part of the health care sector, you should make it your business to be a regular part of Western Pennsylvania Hospital News.

While each issue will contain themes, they are not exclusive to that particular month. We will consider any topic during the year. Topics we plan to cover on a regular basis include:

  • Addiction/Mental Health/Recovery
  • Clinical Topics and Research Developments
  • Consulting and Outsourcing
  • Healthcare Legislation and the Regulatory Environment
  • Healthcare Real Estate, Design, Construction and Facility Management
  • Education
  • Eldercare
  • Employment Issues
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Nursing
  • Pediatric Healthcare
  • Physical Therapy
  • Practice Management
  • Rehabilitation
  • Technology
  • Social Media

As always, we encourage all readers and authors to consider submitting a bylined article on these topics or any others you find relevant. Also, please provide us with feedback on the topics we should be covering in the coming year.

Additionally, our revamped website is updated weekly through a combination of breaking news and feature stories. You can also find archived articles from previous issues which we encourage you to share with your peers. Our Twitter feed can also be found on the site where we post news and events for the healthcare community on a daily basis. If you have news that must be distributed immediately, we’ll post it on our social media accounts-LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Contact Daniel Casciato at [email protected] to submit a bylined article or press release..